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Brazilians Transform Venezuelan Plastic Surgery Industry

Brazilians Transform Venezuelan Plastic Surgery Industry

Venezuelan plastic surgery is experiencing a serious boom. A remarkable development given how much other business is not booming in this country.

Venezuelan plastic surgery

Over the last year, the deepest recession since its 1810 independence has taken Venezuela by fierce hold. The World Bank says, Venezuela’s economy will continue to contract over the next year, more than anywhere else in the world. The International Monetary Fund predicts that Venezuelan inflation will achieve almost unprecedented levels: 159% over this year alone.

All of which sets the scene for image-obsessed Brazilians to travel across the border (a journey that includes passage through 16 military checkpoints) and secure themselves some cheap Venezuelan plastic surgery.

A serious shortage of dollars here allows a foreigner to exchange his on the black market for 130 times more local bolivars.

In a way, the stage was set for this industry to flourish in this country. Venezuela has sent up more Miss World winners than any other place in the pageant’s history, and the national beauty competition is the most-watched TV program in the country. There are beauty academies here that cater to girls as young as six years old, and teenagers regularly receive breast implants as birthday gifts.

Visiting Brazilians have demonstrated a particular fondness for the “Boom Boom,” a procedure whereby a woman has her own fat injected into her buttocks to increase their size. In Venezuela, it costs a third of what it would in Brazil.

“I feel like a rock star here,” Venezuelan plastic surgeon Olika Dávila recently told The Wall Street Journal of his revered status in this revised landscape.

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