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Thinking About Undergoing Cosmetic Surgery?

Thinking About Undergoing Cosmetic Surgery?

Undergoing cosmetic surgery can be extremely taxing on your body. Some cosmetic procedures can be extensive and may require long recovery times. Depending on the type of procedure you’ll choose, it is important to look into the lifestyle changes you can make to optimize your recovery. There are many steps patients can follow to prepare their bodies for surgery. Moreover, adopting these lifestyle changes can also help your healing process post surgery.


Any patient undergoing an invasive cosmetic surgery is encouraged, if not required, to quit smoking. Smokers are at greater risk of experiencing complications during surgery. The effects of anaesthesia specifically may be dangerous and less predictable for smokers. Smoking is unhealthy, to begin with, and using the excuse of a cosmetic surgery may be a great way to encourage yourself to quit.


Paying closer attention to what you are eating is also another important pre-op step when undergoing cosmetic surgery. Certain foods can help the recovery process. For example, lean meats can help tissue repair. Eating foods, or taking supplements, that are high in Vitamins A and C, Zinc, and Selenium will help strengthen your immune system, and keep you feeling healthy during your recovery time, while dietary deficiencies may encumber your recovery. Just be sure to consult with your surgeon before you begin any vitamin or supplement regiments.


Exercising is a very important aspect of everyday life. It helps keep your body fit, lowers your risk of disease and helps you maintain a healthy weight. Whether you exercise regularly or not, keeping active plays an important role both before and after surgery. Exercise helps keep your immune system strong. It also helps keep your skin and muscles firm and strong, which help your body bounce back after a procedure. While exerting yourself right after surgery usually isn’t a good idea, some gentle exercise can be beneficial. Always remember to consult your surgeon before you get back into your regular exercise routine.

Mental Preparation

Feeling stressed or anxious before a surgery is very normal. Many surgeries will be life changing for certain individuals, and this may bring on many different emotions. Close friends and family members can be a great support system both before and after your procedure. Ensuring that you are mentally prepared for the surgery itself, as well as for the recovery period is significant to a successful experience.  Reaching out to your surgeon both before and after the surgery is a great idea if you are experiencing any procedure related stress or anxiety.

The most important step to always remember is to follow your pre and post-operation guidelines given to you by your surgeon.

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