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Twilight Tweaks – The Brave Women Who Get Them

Twilight Tweaks – The Brave Women Who Get Them

It is now time for us to discuss another way in which women are the bravest and strongest of the sexes. Although some may let you think otherwise, my most recent bit of cosmetic trending news has convinced me of this fact. Although I know males are undergoing these procedures, on average it is women who make up the bulk of elective cosmetic surgery goers.

Touted as “Walk In and Out” procedures or “Twilight Tweaks”, procedures such as facelifts and even some breast lifts are now being performed under local anesthetic, instead of the traditional general anesthetics methods which put the patient to sleep. For those not up on the medical lingo, local anesthetic means wide awake! Sure you have anesthesia however someone will literally be pulling your face up. Just to give you an idea of what is done during a facelift I pulled some information from our procedures list:

Your surgeon will raise the skin away from the muscles of the face, repositioning the underlying connective tissues and removing any excess skin or fat. Finally, your surgeon will re-drape the skin over your rearranged muscles, before closing the incisions with stitches or sutures.

If having this done while you’re awake does not spell bravery, then I do not know what does.

Now you may be asking yourself why?…why do this to yourself, when being put to sleep is a viable option? The answer is twofold.


You won’t have to stay in the hospital to “wake up” and recover after a procedure is completed. This means less hospital time and significantly lower total costs!


Complications due to using general anesthetic are eliminated, such as having to avoid the use of certain medications, or general complications that come from being put under.

Although this is just the beginning, you can see how this would be the start of something big, as all elective surgical techniques may be tweaked in order to allow for the use of local anesthesia.

While I can see the benefits, I also see that this will come with a few downsides. As these surgeries are tweaked to be done without general anesthesia, I wonder if surgeons need to sacrifice certain surgical nuances? If you have ever seen a live surgery, you can see they are quite rough with the body (especially liposuction), as the body is extremely resilient. Without being put under, would these rough necessities be something surgeons do? If they can’t, do the procedure’s results suffer?

All things considered. If you are researching cosmetic surgery then “Twilight Tweaks” are something you should probably not sleep on!

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