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5 Steps to Deciding The Right Breast Implant Size

5 Steps to Deciding The Right Breast Implant Size

Today, breast implants are available in a range of shapes, sizes, and profiles. Women can achieve the appearance they have been envisioning, along with a natural feel and look. Here are five things you need to consider when choosing the right breast implant size for you.

1. Appearance

When you’re thinking about the results you would like to see and how you want your breasts to appear after your surgery, do not be too concerned about precise measurements. Though they’re technically the same size, 300cc implants would look different in a small-framed person compared to someone with a larger frame. Instead, focus on the general shape and proportions you want, and then work with your cosmetic surgeon to find the right breast implant for you best suited for you.

Remember—the best results give you breasts that look natural and suit your body’s shape.

2. Lifestyle

It’s important to take lifestyle factors into account when choosing the right breast implant size.

Think about:

  • How implant size or shape might impact your daily routines. If your implants are too wide, for example, you might need to adapt how you move your arms.
  • Where implants are placed. If you are an athletic person, the ideal placement might be under pectoral muscles.
  • What recovery time will be like. You’ll need to be prepared to spend six weeks taking it easy (including restricting any intense or strenuous workouts).

If fitness is an important part of your life, be open about this with your cosmetic surgeon. They can provide guidance reflecting your needs and assist you in selecting the right breast implant size that enables you to keep up with an active lifestyle.

3. Fit with Your Body

When it comes to implants, it’s important to keep in mind that your body may have its own limitations—particularly breast width, breast tissue thickness and skin laxity.

  • Breast width is the distance between the inside of your cleavage and the outer side of your breast. An implant that is either roughly the same size or a bit narrower will often fit best.
  • Typically, women who have thicker breast tissue can better accommodate wider implants, since their skin won’t be as likely to ripple or stretch over time.

Usually, the right implants will fit with the proportions and shape of your own body. Future complications associated with implants that are too big can include back pain, sagging and increased risks for capsular contracture. If you want to try bigger implants, be open with your cosmetic surgeon about that. They can help you find harmony between the look you desire and what your body will allow.

4. See How Your Desired Implants Look

During your implant sizing appointment, you will wear a specially designed bra that allows you to try different implants on for size.

To get the most out of this session, make sure to:

  • Wear a shirt that will highlight both your curves and cleavage. Typically, a light-coloured, low-cut piece will be best.
  • Try on different sizes. Even if you think they might be too big or small, understanding the shape you don’t want will help you figure out the one you do.
  • Ask the cosmetic surgeon and/or consultant for their feedback. They will likely have many years of experience working with women to find their right breast implant size!

Keep in mind that, although your sizing appointment will give you a glimpse of your final results, your breasts won’t look exactly the same after the implants have been placed.

5. Working with the Right Cosmetic Surgeon

Working with an experienced cosmetic surgeon is perhaps the best way to ensure you achieve the results you want. Throughout the process, make sure that you are open and honest with them about your goals. This way they can recommend an approach ideally suited for you.

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Dr. Robert Sleightholm is one of the founders of the Brampton Cosmetic Surgery Center and Medical Spa, as well as the clinic’s Director of Surgery. He’s a board-certified Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Canada (FRCSC), with over twenty years of plastic and cosmetic surgery experience. For More information!

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