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Reduce Double Chin Without Surgery

Reduce Double Chin Without Surgery

A Cool New Mini

Fatty tissue under the chin and neck aka, a “double chin” is hard to reduce, says Dr. Deborah Atkins of Dermatology & Laser in Del Mar. The worst part, it’s also resistant to diet and exercise. For those looking to reduce double chin without surgery, there is a new, non-surgical technique called, CoolMini™. In comparison, liposuction removes deposits of fat but is an invasive, surgical procedure. For now, we will go with the CoolMini™.

How Does CoolMini™ Work

CoolMini™ is made by the same company as, CoolSculpting®, working in a similar way. According to the manufacturers, both devices utilize a technology called, Cryolipolysis™, basically, it introduces cold energy into the targeted area. Excess fat cells are susceptible to the freezing temperature and will break down, while the surrounding tissue is typically left unharmed. CoolSculpting® can be used on other areas of the body, while CoolMini™ is designed to specifically address submental fat, aka. the fatty tissue located under the chin. Furthermore, the jowls were also affected as a byproduct bonus from the treatment. A significant number of patients saw their jawline had even more definition.

What Else You Should Know

CoolMini™ reduces the appearance of excess fat, but the design of this technique does not address skin laxity. Other procedures are available and are more suitable to address concerns of excess skin, according to Dr. Atkins. Patients considering treatment for a double chin should speak with a trusted medical professional, for example, a board certified dermatologist can show you all your options. When diet and exercise fail to achieve desired results, CoolMini™ offers an alternative to reduce double chin without surgery.

About Deborah H. Atkin, MD

A practicing dermatologist in Del Mar for over 20 years, Dr. Deborah Atkin completed her undergraduate education at California State University, Northridge and the University of California, Santa Barbara. Afterwards, she went on to earn her medical degree from the University of California, Los Angeles, and graduated with honors. Dr. Atkin then completed additional medical training at the University of Arizona, Tucson and the Scripps Clinic and Research Foundation in San Diego. Futhermore, she has volunteered at the African Medical Mission, the American Cancer Society, and the American Liver Foundation. Dr. Atkin and her son Nicholas Wallace, a liver transplant recipient, have established a 501C3 charity, Nick’s Picks. The charity delivers fun-filled backpacks full of activities and comfort items to hospitalized and/or isolated children across the United States. Dr. Atkin is available for interview upon request.

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