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    Is it correct to say that you can use Botox as well as fillers on someone’s face in conjunction with one another?
  1. Does fat often appear after liposuction, but in different areas?
  2. have heard there is risk of CJD with certain types of collagen, is this correct? Is there any risk of foot-and-mouth disease from bovine-based collagen? What other product could be used that does not carry risks?
  3. Which procedure would help me to look refreshed? I don’t have wrinkles, but I am constantly told I look tired…and I am only 33.
  4. If I have fat removed through liposuction and I gain weight, will it reappear elsewhere?
  5. Tummy tuck
  6. Is it smart to do liposuction when I have not reached my goal weight yet?
  7. What is the Best way to get rid of enlarged pores?
  8. what can be done about chin hairs that still grow back after laser hair removal