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Laura E Skellchock, MD, FAAD

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American Board of Dermatology

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Intergrative Dermatology
Phone: 561-488-2689

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6100 Glades Road, Suite 304, Boca Raton, Florida 33434 - United States

Intergrative Dermatology
6100 Glades Road, Suite 304, Boca Raton, Florida 33434 - United States

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As an Integrative Physician, Dr. Skellchock combines every healing modality and technique available to give you radiant skin and improve your health and appearance.

She is one of a handful of dermatologists in the country who have years of experience using dermatoscopy to diagnose skin cancers.

Her widespread knowledge base and decades of experience provide her with many tools to use in caring for patients.

“There are so many treatment options available today – our job is to help you decide what treatments and procedures will work best for your skin and your lifestyle,” says Dr. Skellchock.

By using topical anesthetic, ice, nerve blocks and other methods, Dr. Skellchock does everything she can to make the treatments as comfortable and pain-free as possible.

She and her staff are committed to creating a healthy environment in which to work and take care of you. They strive to maintain a calm and serene atmosphere where you will feel that your needs and desires are acknowledged.

“Our goal is to respect you as an individual, listen to you, and partner with you to achieve the best results, so that we are all satisfied and happy.”