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Vivanta Recovery

Is a nutraceutical system to speed recovery and reduce pain, swelling and inflammation after surgery. Vivanta Recovery has a patent pending, mechanism of action to reduce inflammation and accelerate wound healing.

Vivanta B1
Vivanta B2
Vivanta B3
Based on a 210 patient study comparing Vivanta (n=130) with a combination of arnica and bromelain (n=80) for female abdominoplasty patients.


Vivanta is a 9 day perisurgical nutraceutical system to speed recovery and reduce pain, swelling and inflammation after surgery.


Starting three days prior to surgery, dissolve (1) Step 1 sachet in water and take twice per day. Take each additional stage twice daily in order until completed (9 days).

Active Ingredients

Arginine & Citrulline

Balances the immune system and increases blood flow.

Increases nitric oxide which reduces white blood cell adhesion and penetration to the vascular lining. This restores an overactive immune system to its healthy state. Also increases blood flow, allowing antioxidants and nutrients to reach damaged tissues.


Blocks the messengers of inflammation.

Natural enzymes extracted from the stem of pineapples which has powerful anti-inflammatory effects. Is known to block the messengers of inflammation (cytokines) to help prevent the inflammatory response from spreading to healthy tissues.


A fuel source for the immune system and helps rebuild damaged tissues.

Glutamine is an essential amino acid that, during times of physical stress the immune system uses as a fuel source. Glutamine also aids in wound healing and the regeneration of tissues.


Helps reduce oxidative stress and free radicals.

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant which helps to reduce oxidative stress and free radical tissue damage caused by surgical trauma and anesthetic drugs.

Vivanta Nutritional Facts

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“This product was provided to me by my surgeon to prepare for surgery. I was so impressed to be offered a natural product that would help me through my recovery process. I didn’t even need to use pain medication after my surgery!” – Megan Smith, Canada. Surgery: Rhinoplasty.


“I used Vivanta for my abdominoplasty and didn’t need a single pain killer. Really amazing product!” – Samantha O’Kelly, Toronto, Canada. Surgery: Abdominoplasty.

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