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Zerona is a new type non-invasive device based treatment that combines cool-laser technology to significantly reduce areas of fat on the body. Zerona is a suitable alternative to a traditional liposuction, except that there is radically less downtime and almost no side effects.

Zerona treatments work in a similar way to most other laser assisted liposuction devices. The laser beam is directed at the treatment area, where it forces the fat cells to release the load, so that it can be absorbed and disposed of organically. This can be highly effective at reducing the fat, particularly from the leg and abdominal areas.

How is it performed?

Your cosmetic surgeon will will discuss your personal aesthetic goals during your consulatation. Normally they will schedule a series of up to 6 sessions over a period of about 2 weeks. Normally these sessions will be no longer than 40 minutes each.

During these sessions, your surgeon will prepare the treatment area, before directing the low-evel “cold laser” towards it. Even though the laser will pass through your skin, there will be no direct contact. As the treatment goes on, you will be able to relax, as there will be no pain from the laser.

The laser gradually heats up fatty tissues beneath the skin, causing it to liquefy and leak out of their containing cells. As soon as it begins to be released, it is disposed of by your body’s natural systems.

Is it right for me?

Zerona is a comletely non-invasive procedure, which means more people will be suitable for treatment than with other minimally-invasive systems.

Zerona will be a suitable treatment for anyone who would like a little kick-start to their weight-loss programme, or those who would like to trim and highlight the contours gained from a healthy diet and exercise regime. Talk to your specialist about your particular eligibility.

If you are obese or significantly overweight and looking to reduce weight without mainting a healthy lifestyle afterwards, will probably not be a suitable candidate for this type of treatment. Zerona is different from most other laser-assisted liposuction devices in that it does not destroy the fat cells.

The laser used only causes the fat cells to empty, so it is possible for them to refill if a healthy diet is not maintained. If you need to wear a pacemaker, or are pregnant, or have some underlying medical condition, then you may not be suitable for the procedure.

What result can I expect?

You should be able to see the full results of your treatment within a week of finishing your course.

It is possible for the weight you lose to come back if you don’t stay healthy. If you keep to a balanced healthy lifestyle then you will be able to keep your results long-term.



Zerona is significantly better than other laser-lipo devices in several ways:
• Is 100% non-invasive
• Requires no healing or recovery time
• Can be used on a variety of areas
• Involves no anesthetic, pain-killers, needles, or incisions


Zerona is 100% non-invasive, so it doesn’t require any down-time for healing after the procedure. It is unlikely that your surgeon will advise you to limit your activities after the treatment,but you may be asked to consumer extra water and dietary supplements to help you body adjust and flush out the fat through the lymphatic system.

Limits & Risks

Because Zerona is completely non-invasive, you won’t need any anesthetic whatsoever, which dispels the vast majority of risks associated with surgery or minor trauma. If you are pregnant or wear a pacemaker this procedure may not be for you.

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