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1-3 days

SmoothLipo refers to a certain type of laser liposuction device. These relatively new additions to the cosmetic surgery scene combine traditional liposuction techniques with modern high-powered, specially tailored laser energy. The combination allows cosmetic surgeons to remove fatty areas in an outpatient setting, with little-to-no-downtime.

SmoothLipo is different to the other laser-liposuction devices on the market in that it uses a unique laser-wavelength. This beam is able to heat fatty cells uniformly, producing smoother and more even contours (hence the name).

As with many of these similar devices, SmoothLipo comes with the added benefit of tightening the skin.

There are several differences between SmoothLipo and traditional liposuction surgery, including:

  • causes much less trauma to surrounding tissues
  • involves a much shorter healing time
  • involves significantly less blood loss
  • removes more fat per procedure
  • causes significantly less discomfort, bruising or swelling
  • requires a shorter downtime
  • usually requires general anesthesia.

Due to its accuracy, SmoothLipo is ideal for treating localized pockets of stubborn fatty tissue, in any of the following areas:

  • abdomen or belly
  • flanks
  • thighs
  • waist
  • back
  • face
  • chin

It is also an appropriate treatment for gynecomastia (male breast enlargement).

How is it performed?

Before treatment, your cosmetic surgeon will mark your body with a special pen, around the areas to be lipo’d. Then you will be given a local anesthetic to remove any sensation from the area. Once this has taken effect, your asesthetic surgeon will make a small incision at the edge of the treatment area, so that a small thin tube (called a cannula) can be inserted under the skin.

This cannula will be used to direct the laser-light at the fat cells. The laser will heat up the fat cells together, until they get hot enough to break apart. This allows the fat to be removed easier. Once your surgeon has destroyed enough fat cells in an area, the cannula will be used to suck out the excess fat and any solutions used during the procedure.

Once they are satisfied that enough fat has been removed, your cosmetic surgeon will seal the incision, and apply a sterile dressing to the wound. SmoothLipo doesn’t require the use of general anesthesia, unlike normal liposuction surgeries, so it has very little downtime, and is usually performed in less than an hour.

Is it right for me?

If you have small to medium sized areas of fat which are unresponsive to healthy dieting or exercise, then you will most likely be a good candidate for SmoothLipo. If you are significantly overweight, or have pre-exisiting medial conditions, you may not be suitable for the procedure.

It is very important that you are honest about any previous medial conditions or medications that you have had during your consultation. This is so they can decide if it is safe for you to have the treatment.

SmoothLipo will not be a good choice for anyone who:

  • is significantly overweight
  • has an autoimmune or bleeding disorder
  • has a chronic medical condition
  • wants to treat their cellulite

What result can I expect?

The SmoothLipo laser destroys fat cells completely, so they cannot return. If you gain weight after the procedure, your body will still be able to store the fat in other places.

Results from SmoothLipo are almost instant. You will notice smoother and more toned contours in the area, which will continue to improve in the following days. One of the bonuses of SmoothLipo is that the laser-wavelength forces the body to start producing new collagen, which will tighten & tone the appearance of skin in the area.



There are numerous advantages of having SmoothLipo over more traditional liposuction methods, or body contouring devices. These include:

  • gentler heating of fat cells, resulting in less trauma
  • no need for general anesthesia
  • consistent results
  • minimal downtime
  • less discomfort
  • less swelling and bruising
  • higher degree of safety
  • firmer skin in the treatment area


There is almost no recovery time needed for a SmoothLipo procedure, and most people are able to get back to their normal daily activities within a couple of days of the treatment. If the person has had a larger area treated, they may require slightly longer to recover fully.