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1-3 days

SmartLipo is a recently new technology, similar in principle to several other laser-assisted liposuction devices on the market. SmartLipo is a very versatile device, proven to be very effective at removing fatty tissues without the need for invasive surgery.

It can be used on several different parts of the body, including:

  • Belly
  • Buttocks
  • Thighs
  • Waist, or love handles
  • Hips
  • Flanks, or saddlebags
  • Chin
  • Upper arms
  • Pubic mound
  • Back of the neck
  • Facial areas

It is particularly useful for the treatment of gynecomastia, otherwise known as male breasts. This is because it is very accurate, and so can be used in much smaller areas than a lot of other laser lipo devices.

SmartLipo, just like other cosmetic laser devices, has become increasingly popular over the last few years because it is completely non-invasive. This means that the procedure does not require any incisions to be made, and so no general anesthetic is required during treatment. Both of these things mean that the patient is at significantly lower risk, and should recover from the procedure faster.

SmartLipo is at its most effective when it is used to remove small and local pockets of fat, which have not responded well to a healthy diet and regular exercise.

How is it performed?

Right before they begin your SmartLipo treatment, your aesthetic doctor will mark your skin with a special pen, to highlight the area that you would like treated. Then, a local anesthetic will be applied or injected so as to numb the area. Once you have lost sensation, your surgeon will use the specially designed SmarLipo handheld device to direct laser energy at the fat cells in the area.

Once this laser energy hits the fat cells under your skin, they will start to break apart, releasing the fat they store. You may even notice the effect of this, as over the next few days your body will be working hard to drain away this excess liquefied fat, using its own natural cleaning systems.

An added benefit of the SmartLipo laser, which does not come with every laser device, is that it kick-starts the body’s own renewel systems, particularly in the skin. This encourages new collagen growth, a fundamental part of the skin’s structure, which in turn helps to improve the tone and appearance of skin.

Is it right for me?

Anyone who has pockets of local fat, which has been stubborn and resistant to normal dieting and exercise, would be a good candidate for a SmartLipo treatment. Ideal candidates for SmartLiposuction are in good health generally. They will have a regular exercise regiment and a healthy diet. Those with excessive weight issues, or underlying health conditions, will not be a good candidate.

Some medical conditions can drastically impact a SmartLipo procedure, and so will make a candidate unsuitable for treatment. These could include:

  • Diabetes
  • Liver or kidney disorders
  • Heart conditions
  • Blood disorders
  • Autoimmune disorders

It is essential that you take care to discuss your current health condition in detail with you aesthetic specialist surgeon, before your treatment. This shoud include information about any medication you may be on, or any conditions you may have suffered from in the past.

What result can I expect?

There will be quite a lot of swelling in the area in the days immediately after your SmartLipo treatment. As this subsides and your body removes the liquified fat from the area, you should begin to notice that the skin in the area appears more toned and tighter. These results will continue to improve as your body heals further and adapts to its new contours. This can take up to two months to complete.



  • No general anesthesia
  • Effectively removes for hard-to-treat fat
  • Tighter, more toned skin
  • Little to no discomfort after the procedure
  • No incisions
  • Fast recovery with virtually no downtime
  • Minimal discomfort during treatment


It does depend on the occupation, but most people find that returning to work the day after surgery is not a problem.

It is most likely you will experience minor discomfort and pain as you recovery, especially during the first day or two. You should be able to treat this normal pain medication, available from your local pharmacist or drug-store. Depending on the area of you body that was treated, you may notice there is some redness and bruising which accompanies the swelling.

You should expect this to disappear by the end of the third day of your recovery. If neccessary, your cosmetic surgeon may advise you to wear a specialised compression garment for several days after your SmartLipo treatment. This is to help minimize any swelling, helping your body to heal within its new contours.