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Sometimes branded as ‘Cool-Touch’ Liposuction, Cool Lipo is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure which breaks down fatty tissue beneath the skin without causing injury to the surrounding cells. Cool Lipo is normally most suitable when the patient wants to remove fat from a smaller area than is usually treated with liposuction.

This could be in harder to reach places like under the chin, or bat-wings. Cool Lipo can be used to remove fatty tissue from any area of the body where skin is prone to sagging. It can also be used for problem areas on the abdomen, such as ‘love-handles’, but its suitability will have to be discussed with your plastic surgeon.

How is it performed?

Your cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist will begin the treatment by cleaning the area, before inecting a mild local anesthetic in order to reduce feeling in the area. You might have to wait a liitle while before you completely lose sensation. Once the area is completely numb, your surgeon will point a laser at the treatment area, so that the energy can be transferred into the fat cells beneath the skin. The surgeon will then gently move across the treatment area, directing the specially tuned laser to all the areas of fat that are to be reduced.

The effect of the laser also helps to stimulate collagen production in the skin, which will tighten and tone the skin over time. Once the procedure has been completed, your surgeon may choose to remove the dissolved fat from the area by inserting a drain. If not, don’t worry, your body will slowly absorb the fat and dispose of it naturally. Generally, and depending on the size of the treated area, the procedure should take no longer than 1-3hours from start to finish.

Is it right for me?

Most of the time, a single Cool Lipo treatment is sufficient to remove the majority of fatty tissue from the area. On some occassions, you may be required to return for an additional session or two.

This will depend on your body type and medical history, as well as the area receiving treatment. This is something your surgeon will discuss with you during your consultation. Most of the time, they will make you wait between sessions so as to get a complete picture of the impact of your previous treatment, and better judge how and where any additional procedures may be needed.

What result can I expect?

For anyone who are seeking to remove a small to medium sized area of excess fatty tissue from their body, Cool Lipo is a great option. Usually the best areas to treat with Cool Lipo are those areas normally referred to as ‘problem zones’, such as those which are ‘immune’ to dieting or exercise.

Larger areas of fat are usually not very suitable for Cool Lipo-ing and if this is the case, your surgeon will discuss the other possible weight-loss treatments available to you.

Cool Lipo is a perfect option for those who would like to remove smaller areas of stubborn fat, without going through the hassle of full surgery under general anesthesia.

One of the benfits of a Cool Lipo treatment is that the results are sometimes instantly noticeable. Patients also often report their skin feeling noticably tighter after the procedure. If extra fat has been removed during the treatment, this will be particularly obvious. Even if your results are quite noticeable immediatly after your treatment, your body will continue to absorb and discard the excess fatty tissue over the next few months.


Remember that no matter the procedure, no weight-loss surgery can guarantee to permanently reduce your weight,especially if you do not maintain a health diet and exercise regime.

Although most lipo procedures will remove or destroy the fat cells in an area, these can still re-develop over time. The body will adjust to maintain equilibrium and this can also result in fat being accumulated in a different part of the body. The best and easiest way to ensure that the results of your treatment last a long time, is to make sure you follow a health, active lifestyle.

Cool-Touch Lipo is a mimimally invasive procedure, which means that there is very little damage caused to the surrounding tissues. This makes a Cool Lipo treatment one of the most pain-free treatments available. Depending on the area being treated, your surgeon may advise you to wear a compression garment over the treated area, in order to protect it from damage while your body adjusts to its new contours.

It will also help to tighten the skin, and quicken the healing process. You will not normally need to wear this for longer than two to three days. You should experience very little discomfort once the compression garment is removed. Remember that because everyone’s physiology is different, their response to treatment will be different, which may affect your recovery time. Your cosmetic surgeon will be able to highlight the specifics you face during your consultation.

As long as you continue to wear your compression garment, and follow your physician’s advice, you should be able to return to your normally daily activities the day after treatment.

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