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About Eyelash Enhancement

Eyelash Enhancement, also known as eyelash lengthening.

Eyelash enhancement can offer patients longer, fuller eyelashes without the constant need to apply mascara, or use fake eyelashes.

How is it performed?

During your consultation, your cosmetic surgeon will advise you about how to apply the eyelash enhancing serum correctly. Most eyelash enhancers are only applied at night, before bed, so that the serum can be absorbed properly without irritating your eyes.

Your face, eyes and hands should be cleaned thoroughly before you apply any products. All contact lenses, false eyelashes or extensions should be removed. Using the sterile applicator supplied with the serum, apply the product to the upper eyelashes.

Make sure you follow your surgeon’s and the manufacturer’s instructions carefully, making sure not to apply the serum to your lower lashes or directly into your eyes. You can blot any excess fluid using tissue paper, before repeating the process with your other eye.

What are my options for eyelash enhancement?

There are several eyelash enhancement options available, including the surgical grafting of individual hairs from other parts of the body, but most options are non-surgical.

What are the brand names for non-surgical eyelash enhancement serums?
Although Latisse is the most popular brand currently on the market, there are a number of other brands that produce similar serums. Latisse is the only eyelash enhancement serum that requires a prescription.

Here are some of the available brand name eyelash enhancers:

  • Marini Lash
  • Revitalash
  • Obagi Elastilash Eyelash Solution
  • neuLash
  • City Lash
  • SmartLash
  • Rapidlash

Where can I buy eyelash enhancement products?
Many eyelash enhancement serums are available online, although it is imperative for your well-being that you do your research and purchase from a licensed distributor. You should also be able to find them in your local department or drug store, if you have a prescription. Your cosmetic surgeon will likely also have some available for you to choose from.

What result can I expect?

Generally, eyelash enhancement serums last as long as the product is continually applied to the eyelashes. Your eyelashes will stop growing at an accelerated rate as soon as treatment is discontinued, and will return to normal over the following weeks. Make sure you continue to visit your cosmetic surgeon, so that they can monitor your health and your body’s reaction to the treatments. If you have any concerns or worries, you should never hesitate to contact your surgeon.



  • Fuller, longer eyelashes
  • Most eyelash enhancing serums are safe to use regardless of your eyelash type or quantity
  • Most serums act rapidly and you will be able to see their effect within the first two months of beginning your treatments


  • Some of these products do occasionally lighten the colour of the iris, or cause some irritation.
  • If you are using the prescription strength Latisse, you will most likely notice the effects sooner, although there is added risk of side effects with these higher potency products.
  • If you were glasses, you may find that your increased eyelash length causes them to scrape against the inside of your spectacles

Limits & Risks

Major complications caused by eyelash enhancement solutions are rare.

Some of the potential complications of eyelash enhancement are:

  • Dry eyes, redness, itchiness and darkening of irises
  • The skin darkens where is has been in repeated contact with the serum
  • Excess hair is growing where the serum has repeatedly been on the skin

Following the instructions of your cosmetic surgeon can significantly reduce the risk to you.

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