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About Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite treatment, also known as cellulite reduction.

Cellulite is normal fat that is lying just beneath the skin which causes irregular dimples, undulations and flaccidity (lack of youthful firmness) in the skin because it pushes against the connective tissue.

There are various cellulite treatments available to get rid of buttock or thigh cellulite. Most are only temporary because they do not address the underlying anatomic structures of cellulite.

How is it performed?

There are several cellulite treatments currently available, you can find the details of a selection of these below.

Cellulaze is a minimally invasive cosmetic surgical procedure that uses an Nd:YAG 1440 nm pulsed laser to treat areas of cellulite. After a local anesthetic is injected into the site to be treated, your surgeon will make several small incisions to insert the laser cannula (tube) through. The laser is used in a three-step process to:

  • Melt excess fat.
  • Undo the fibers connecting the skin to underlying fascia (fibrous connective tissue) that pull down on the skin and create the dimpling effect.
  • Stimulate collagen production to thicken and tighten the skin, increasing skin elasticity.

After the procedure, the affected area is gently squeezed to expel the liquefied fat cells.

VelaShape delivers radio frequency and infrared light to treat cellulite on the love handles, buttocks, upper legs and abdominal areas and to provide contouring fat reduction on the thighs. Your surgeon will place the applicator directly on to the treatment area in order to smooth the skin’s surface and to deliver heat energy efficiently and safely. Treatments are non-invasive therefore do not require anaesthesia and are safe to use on all skin types. Patients will usually require four to six weekly treatments with further sessions periodically over the next two to three months.

VASER Shape uses ultrasound high-frequency sound waves to deliver heat to below the skin’s surface, temporarily reducing the appearance of cellulite and treating unwanted fatty tissue in the back, arms, hips, love handles, buttocks and thighs. It is non-invasive and does not require anaesthetic. Your physician will move the VASER hand-piece over the area to be treated in order to warm the connective tissue and redistribute fat. The unwanted fat will be drained away with a zonal lymphatic massage to stimulate the body’s own lymphatic system into removing it. Results will usually be visible within 3-5 sessions.

Venus Freeze
Venus Freeze uses magnetic pulsed fields and multipolar radio frequency to generate heat below the skin’s surface, reducing cellulite and wrinkles to tighten skin. Venus Freeze is designed to be used on both the body and the face and is suitable for all skin types. The treatment area will be covered in a special gel which will help the hand-piece glide smoothly as your physician moves the applicator in gentle circular and sweeping motion across the skin. Some patients describe the sensation as similar to a hot stone massage. Generally results become visible on the body after 8 to 10 weekly sessions, but usually only require around 6 treatments for the face and neck.

What will my incisions and scars look like?

When Cellulaze treatment is used, small incisions are made at the treatment site, usually in an area such as the outer thigh. With good after-care these usually become unnoticeable. VelaShape, VASER Shape and Venus Freeze do not require incisions.

What are my options?

The only treatment for cellulite currently on the market that has shown to have results that last beyond one year is the Nd:YAG 1440 nm wavelength laser.

What result can I expect?

Results will continue to get better in the months after your first single treatment and will usually last around a year or more. For your safety, as well as the most beautiful and healthy outcome for you, it’s important to make sure you return to your plastic surgeon’s office for follow up evaluation when they tell you to or if you notice any changes in the treatment area. Please don’t hesitate to contact your cosmetic surgeon if you have any concerns or questions whatsoever.



  • Treatment will improve the appearance of dimpled and cellulite affected tissue
  • Skin thickness, firmness and elasticity are increased


  • Side effects from cellulite treatment can include swelling, bruising, numbness and mild discomfort
  • With Cellulaze there is sometimes the possibility of fluid leakage from your incision sites
  • This is a non-surgical treatment that is relatively new to the market and so can be expensive
  • Results are only temporary


How will I look and feel after my cellulite treatment?
You’ll probably have some swelling, bruising, numbness and mild discomfort. Some small amounts of fluid may leak from the sites of your incisions. Normally, you will be able to return to normal activities within a day or two or your procedure.

Recovery Time
It is essential you follow all the instructions given to you by your physician regarding caring for your wounds. This usually includes information about which type of compression garments to wear, how to properly take care of your drains, how and what antibiotics or painkillers you should be taking. Your surgeon will also provide you with detailed instructions about normal symptoms of recovery and how you can spot any signs of complications. You should keep in mind that everyone’s body is different and so the amount of time you need to recover may vary to other individuals.

The first two weeks
You may be instructed to wear special compression garments for around two to three weeks after your treatment. Any strenuous activity and exercise can usually be safely resumed after one to two weeks.

Two to eight weeks
You should be able to return to your normal daily activities, including your regular physical exercise, by the end of the first two months after surgery.

Limits & Risks

Fortunately, significant complications from cellulite treatment are very rare. Your specific risks for cellulite treatment will be discussed during your consultation. All procedures have some degree of risk.