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About Acne Treatments

Acne is a skin condition that affects the majority of the population during their teenage years and can continue to cause problems in up to 5% of adults. Most people recover from acne as they exit puberty, usually without any visual trace. However, some people with severe acne can be left with severe scarring on their face, neck and back. Today, there are many treatments available for those that would like to be rid of their acne scars.

Fat Transfer: Treatments like autologous fat transfer, or fat grafting, uses fat taken from other areas of your body to ‘plump up’ and fill in acne scar pits. Some surgeons may opt to use dermal fillers normally used for wrinkle treatments and for lip augmentation, to create the same effect and fill in your scars. When your own fat is used, there is a much lower chance of bad-reactions and complications caused by allergic reactions.

Punch Grafts: Another option available for those with deep pitted scars from acne is to use ‘punch grafts’ to replace old scarred skin with new tissue. First, the scarred skin is removed, or ‘punched out’ with a special instrument. New, unscarred skin is taken from an inconspicuous part of the body and grafted in place of the old one. The new skin is left taped on the grafted area, for about a week, so that it can heal properly. Although this new skin graft will leave a scar, the results are usually much less noticeable than the original acne scars.

Other examples of Acne Treatments:

Dermabrasion, Laser resurfacingMicrodermabrasion

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