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1 to 2 weeks.

About Laser Facial Resurfacing

Sometimes referred to as a “laser peel”, laser facial resurfacing can be a very effective treatment for reducing wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes and mouth.

Due to the rapid development of cosmetic laser technology, this is now one of the primary techniques cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists use to reverse the signs of aging.

Due to their ability to be adjusted across a wide frequency range, lasers can be used to correct all sorts of skin blemishes, moles, birthmarks, wrinkles, scars, tattoos and even some skin cancers.

How is it performed?

The surgeon or practitioner will mark the area to be treated and the patient will be some protective eye-wear and made comfortable. Depending on the device used, they may apply a special gel to the area. Then, they will pass a special device over the area, blasting it with focused laser light, to scour the dying cells.

What result can I expect?

Laser facial resurfacing produces similar results to treatments like chemical peels and microdermabrasion. Most surgeons would consider laser vaporizing techniques as being more precise and efficient than chemical or kinetic forces used in other methods.


The accuracy of such devices means that dermatologists can remove layers of damaged and unwanted skin tissue, without causing damage to the surrounding and underlying tissues.

The recovery period for these sorts of treatments is minimal.

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