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Popular Cosmetic Procedures: Surgical vs. Non-Surgical

Popular Cosmetic Procedures: Surgical vs. Non-Surgical

Surgical vs. Non-Surgical

The number of cosmetic procedures performed continues to rise each year. These include both surgical as well as minimally invasive procedures. In fact, the number of minimally invasive procedures performed highly outweighs the number of surgical procedures. In the U.S., there were 1.7 million cosmetic surgery procedures performed in 2015, versus a whopping 14.2 million minimally invasive cosmetic procedures performed (The American Society of Plastic Surgeon’s (ASPS) 2015 statistical report).

According to the ASPS, the most popular minimally invasive (also referred to as non-surgical) cosmetic procedures are Botulinum toxin type A, soft tissue fillers, chemical peels, laser hair removal and microdermabrasion, respectively. It’s easy to see why Botulinum toxin (i.e. Botox) leads the pack as it is a very versatile procedure which can help reduce a lot of varying signs of aging on the face. Dr. Stephen Mulholland, board-certified plastic surgeon, says, “Botox is a very safe and well-recognized injectable protein. The most common lines and wrinkles treated include the frown lines, the horizontal forehead worry lines, the crow’s feet and then lower facial wrinkles such as lip lines and necklace neck lines”.

According to the ASPS, the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures are breast augmentation, liposuction, nose reshaping, eyelid surgery and tummy tucks, respectively. In fact, the ASPS reports that breast augmentation has been the top cosmetic surgical procedure every year since 2006.

In 2015, silicone implants were used in 80% and saline implants in 20% of all breast augmentation procedures performed. Here’s what Dr. Larry Weinstein, board certified plastic surgeon, had to say about the two different types of implants (Surgical vs. Non-Surgical), “In certain instances patients do better with saline and in certain instances they do better with silicone. It’s important to analyze each patient individually depending upon the skin type and the thickness of the skin. Saline implants can be put in through tiny incisions only about 1.6 cm in size, but silicone implants require a larger incision. They are both great products and they have applicability to each individual”.

You can certainly see the cosmetic trends coming and going in the statistical reports as the years go by. For example, the number of buttock augmentation procedures using fat grafting has increased notably in 2015, according to the ASPS, but, this wasn’t necessarily the case a few years back. With a few exceptions, both the top five surgical and non-surgical procedures listed above have been among the most popular procedures for the last five years! Needless to say these procedures aren’t going anywhere!

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