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How Do I Get Perkier Breasts?

How Do I Get Perkier Breasts?

Do You Dream of Fuller Breasts?

How do I get perkier breasts? Have you ever thought this but worry about a long, painful recovery period after surgery? If so, a new surgical technique using Botox could be the answer for you. That’s right; Botox is no longer just for smoothing wrinkles!

Botox in breast augmentation surgery works the same way it does in facial treatments—by blocking nerve receptors and relaxing the muscle at the injection site. In addition to reducing the amount of post-surgical pain, Botox-assisted breast augmentation also delivers faster final results, which means patients now don’t have to wait for months on end to see what their new perkier breasts actually look like.

Developed in the U.S. in 2012, this revolutionary procedure is now being offered by Dr. Peter Bray, Toronto cosmetic breast augmentation specialist.

How do I Get Perkier Breasts?

Involves injecting Botox (botulinum toxin) into the pectoral muscle before implants are inserted underneath it. The injection of Botox eases the muscle spasms that typically occur during the healing process. The result: less muscle pain and tightness in the chest post-surgery.

By relaxing the chest muscle, the injection of Botox also decreases the length of time it takes for implants to descend into their desired position. This means the so-called “drop” can take as little as three to four weeks with Botox, versus the three to four months it normally takes. There’s no need to worry about a “paralyzing” effect; Dr. Bray says, “The Botox won’t affect regular movement and will wear off within three months, which is usually how long it takes to fully recover from the surgery”. He adds, “The amount of Botox used is approximately the amount used to do a full facial rejuvenation treatment.”

During the surgery, which generally takes about an hour, an approximately one-inch incision will be discretely hidden within the breast crease.

After Your Procedure

After the surgery the patient can be discharged within a few hours, wearing a surgical bra. Normal consequences including initial swelling and sometimes bruising, both of which disappear quickly.

Sufficient healing usually takes a week and patients are advised to book a few days off work. Antibiotics will be prescribed and a support bra may be recommended to help the healing process. All dressings will be removed within several days, and you can return to most regular activities after a few weeks.

With breast augmentation (breast implant surgery) being one of the most common cosmetic procedures requested by women in the U.S. and Canada, this “kinder, gentler” technique could have a significant impact on the women that choose to undergo this surgery. There is, however, an additional cost for those opting for Botox-Assisted Breast Implant surgery.

As with any surgery, the selection of a properly qualified plastic surgeon to perform the procedure is essential. Dr. Bray has extensive experience in breast augmentation and has refined his surgical skills and hidden scar techniques—something anyone preparing to go under the knife should appreciate.

Source: The Skiny on Skin

Published on December 18th, 2015

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