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Palm Line Alteration – Fate in the Palm of Your Hands

Palm Line Alteration – Fate in the Palm of Your Hands

The world has always been divided on the subject of destiny. No matter your opinion on the matter, many of us have had our palms read in the hopes of predicting our future. Perhaps the outcome was good, perhaps bad, either way you took the reading and moved on with your life. Well in Japan, people have decided palm readers are no longer ‘chic’, and palm line alteration is the ‘it’ procedure.

Palm line alteration is exactly as it sounds and is performed by altering the various lines in your palms in an attempt to affect ones destiny. Using an electric scalpel the physician burns new lines into your palms based on your personal preferences. For those of us who are less versed in the anatomy that is palm lines, some of the more visible and important lines that readers use to tell your future are as follows:

  • Life Line – Reveals information about the future encounters in your life.
  • Heart Line – Dictates a person’s emotional state and relationships.
  • Head Line – In a nutshell, it represents your mental capabilities in various areas.

The eastern side of the globe has always been more holistic medically than its Western counterpart, and at around $1000 a pop and taking only 10-15 minutes to perform, this has proven to be quite a popular procedure. It should also be noted that there are really no serious side effects from undergoing a palm line alteration, however altering one’s fate incorrectly is always a possibility, leading to a horrible downwards spiral of bad luck, and do not get me started about the butterfly effects.

Personally, I think that it is very unlikely that this procedure will catch on here, but it does show that we are only scratching the surface (if not scarring it) of cosmetic alteration. I also think that after learning a thing or two about palm reading, maybe it’s time for me to alter my own destiny! #ItsNeverToLate #CaroleKing

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