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No Scar Hair Restoration With NeoGraft

No Scar Hair Restoration With NeoGraft

How Does NeoGraft Work?

The NeoGraft Hair Transplant procedure, which is now being offered by NeoGraft of San Diego, utilizes follicular unit extraction or FUE to restore thinning or missing hair. FUE involves taking one hair follicle at a time from the head’s occipital region and placing it where the patient’s hair is missing or thinning. It’s a method that was introduced in the 1990’s as an evolution of the traditional hair transplant methods, which often consisted of transplanting strips of hair from one part of the head to the other. This method was fairly invasive and could cause scarring and lengthy recovery times.

How It Is No Scar Hair Restoration

By transplanting individual hair follicles, FUE can reduce scarring, shorten recovery times and produce much more natural-looking results. FUE is usually usually very effective when performed by an accomplished surgeon, but it is a very time consuming and precise operation. It is also generally more expensive than traditional strip hair transplants.

With the NeoGraft hair transplant device, the FUE hair transplant procedure is automated. Not only does this make it quicker and more effective, it also makes it much more affordable for patients despite being far more advanced than other hair restoration and transplant methods being used today.

The NeoGraft Procedure

One of the biggest advantages to the NeoGraft hair restoration procedure is that it is virtually painless and minimally invasive. The automated process uses a motorized punch to rotate around each individual graft while controlled pneumatic pressure is used to gently lift each follicle smoothly without the kind of twisting or pulling that can damage hair follicles. The entire process is completed under a local anesthetic, and patients experience short recovery times and the Neograft hair transplant before and after pictures speak for themselves.

Source: Marketwired

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