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What is The Mini Boob Job?

What is The Mini Boob Job?

The Mini Boob Job

When most people think of breast augmentation surgeries they immediately think BIG, in your face breasts. It looks like the times are a changing. Recently there has been a higher trend in women, even celebrities, ditching the DD look and going for more natural breasts. Enter the “mini boob job”.

The “mini boob job” is the new plastic surgery trend among women of all ages. Many women are now looking for a less drastic breast enhancement, and want something more subtle and natural.

It is not just about wanting a smaller chest size and choosing a smaller implant. It’s about creating a look tailored to your body; giving the illusion of not having had an augmentation at all. When done properly, your surgeon will carefully measure and select an implant and positioning that is customized to your body and frame. In order to ensure that the surgeon achieves the desired effect, measurements are made both during the consultation and during surgery to make sure the right implant is being inserted in the correct place.

How It Is Performed

The manner in which the implant is inserted is also taken into consideration. Implants can be inserted either directly under the skin or behind the muscle. To give a more natural look, implants are often placed under the muscle. This allows the implant to rest under more cushion, giving it a softer look. Teardrop implants are also among the most popular choice for a “mini” breast augmentation. They often tend to be placed lower in the chest, again giving it a more natural appearance.

The incision is usually made in the inframammary fold (the breast crease), which will become undetectable over time as it heals. In cases where patients with chest deformities or a lack of skin and tissue coverage, doctors can use fat grafting as a way of hiding the incision line and any other abnormalities. Fat grafting can also be used to add volume to the area as well. This technique uses fat from either the thighs or abdomen that is then processed and injected into the desired areas.

The overall procedure is performed in about 1-2 hours under a general anesthesia. Patients will be free to go home the same day, but usually have the option to stay overnight.  With the “mini boob job”, most patients can start neck and arms stretches immediately after the procedure, but are asked to remain at home for at least 7 days to rest. Light jogging can be resumed after 3 weeks, while gym activities should only start at the 4-6 week mark. Contact sports and strenuous activities should not be reintroduced until the 12 week mark.

There you have it folks, bigger is not always better!

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