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Does A Male Rhinoplasty Differ From A Female Rhinoplasty?

Does A Male Rhinoplasty Differ From A Female Rhinoplasty?

While men and women who choose to have rhinoplasty may have similar intentions, the approach to surgery is not quite the same. Below we will explore how a male rhinoplasty differs from female rhinoplasty.

What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a procedure that is performed to improve the shape and size of the nose, and enhance facial symmetry. The unique structure and character of the face is determined in large measure by the shape and size of the nose.

The Aesthetics

The aim of rhinoplasty is not to drastically change the appearance, rather, it is intended to refine the nose and create a completely natural look by harmonizing facial features.

Both male and female rhinoplasty have to be tailored to complement the body type and aesthetic goals of each patient. For the most part, men tend to have noses that are prominent, while female noses are generally smaller and more refined.

Improving Function

Although rhinoplasty is frequently done to change the appearance of the nose, some patients undergo nose surgery to address functional concerns. This often includes improving airway function to correct breathing problems.

Ways That A Male Rhinoplasty Differs From A Female Rhinoplasty

When dealing with male and female rhinoplasty patients, plastic surgeons have to be aware of the subtle differences between the male and female nose, so that the distinctive characteristics remain after surgery.

The male nose is usually larger in size, and the skin is also thicker. Men seeking rhinoplasty often do so to correct structural defects of the nose. Male rhinoplasty is frequently performed to straighten the nasal bridge, or remove a bump that has formed on the nose due to injury.

Male Rhinoplasty - Nasal Hump Removal

The female nose is generally smaller at the base, and has a softer bridge compared to the male nose. Female rhinoplasty is typically done to reduce the bridge, narrow the tip, or reduce a nasal hump.

The male nose should be strong and well-defined with a high bridge. That’s generally the outcome male patients want to see after surgery. Men typically want the assurance that their nose will still look masculine and distinct after a nose job, and they will maintain a strong profile. In contrast, the profile of the female nose should be softer, and the tip narrower and more refined.

As with other types of cosmetic surgery, each rhinoplasty patient is unique.

Rhinoplasty Surgery and Recovery

Both a male rhinoplasty and a female one are performed using either the open or closed technique. With the closed technique, all incisions are made inside the nostrils. The open technique makes an additional incision in the columella, the strip of tissue that separates the nostrils.

Nose surgery takes about 2 hours to perform, but this may vary depending on the extent of the procedure. There is generally some swelling after surgery and this can take several months to fully resolve. However, most of the swelling goes down within 2-3 weeks.

If You’re Considering Rhinoplasty:

Be sure to consult with a skilled, experienced, board certified plastic surgeon that is appropriately qualified for the task. An experienced surgeon will be able to craft a plan to achieve the aesthetic outcome you desire.

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