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Lip Reduction Surgery – Goodbye Floppy Smoochers

Lip Reduction Surgery – Goodbye Floppy Smoochers

Lip reduction, what could be more opposing to popular culture? These days we can do many things to augment the lips. We can lift them when they need lifting, rid the wrinkles that need ridding and plump them when they need plumping. However, the major folly of lip augmentation is the overuse of fillers which leads to the stretching of the lips. The common solution to this is to use more fillers or be left with an unfortunate floppy pair of smoochers.

Lip Reduction Surgery

In the cosmetic industry, the old adage “loose lips sink ships” should be “loose lips need fix”. Lip reduction surgery is recommended for those of us who find that our lips show signs of significant looseness. The procedure requires your surgeon to make small incisions on the inside of the loose lip, then folding the outside of the lip inside the mouth.

Recovery and Costs

Lip reduction surgery is performed as a day surgery, allowing for the patient to go home the same day. You may find your lips swollen for about one week and full recovery takes on average, 3 months. The average cost of lip reduction surgery can range from $1,000 – $5,000 depending on the complexity of the procedure. It is always best to speak with your plastic surgeon about the procedure details, recovery time and cost of services.

A Certified Injectionist

When it comes to your lips, always look for a reputable, certified injectionist. This way, you can ensure you give your lips a natural looking enhancement with minimal filler use. However, things happen, and when you find your lips in need of some tightening, maybe it’s time to call your local plastic surgeon!

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