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 How is the Y-Lift Different from a “Liquid Facelift”? 

 How is the Y-Lift Different from a “Liquid Facelift”? 

Nowadays, many people desiring facial rejuvenation are skipping plastic surgery and choosing less invasive procedures to lift and contour facial features. The Y-lift and the “liquid facelift” are two non-surgical procedures that have been incredibly effective in creating dramatic improvements in the appearance of the face. But, how is the Y-lift different from a “liquid facelift”?

Why do a Y-lift or Liquid Facelift?

Your face changes as you age, and by the time you get to your forties, things start to go downhill. In particular, there is loss of facial fat and muscle, and this pulls the entire face downward, making you look tired and old. Loss of fat in the cheeks gives the face a gaunt, drawn down look. When administered properly, these treatments can restore a youthful appearance, so that you look as young as you feel.


The Y-Lift is a facial rejuvenation procedure that is done to restore lost facial volume. It’s called the Y-Lift because it focuses on fixing the key areas of the face that tend to drag it down. This includes lifting sagging cheekbones up and out, so that they are higher and wider, and tightening the jawline, so that it is more defined. Together these areas make up the ‘Y’ structure that is the feature of a young face.

How is it Done?

With the Y-Lift, tiny holes are made in the skin in the cheek area, and one is also made near the jawline. A specialized titanium instrument is then inserted through these holes, to the deepest layers of the skin. The instrument is used to lift the tissue layers that lie below the muscle.

After the tissues are lifted, a filler is injected into the area, in order to hold the new position in place. The filler is usually a hyaluronic acid based filler, like Juvederm, which is strategically placed under the skin, in the area between the muscle and the bone. This expands the area by filling in lost volume and diminishing folds. It also firms the jawline.

The Y-Lift requires no general anesthesia or stitches, and takes only an hour to complete. Best of all it produces instant results. After the procedure the face will look refreshed and more youthful.

Liquid Facelift

The liquid facelift also focuses on restoring volume by replenishing the natural fat in the face, which has diminished as a result of aging. The procedure involves using a combination of injectables to plump the skin in specific areas of the face such as around the eyes, across the forehead, and around the cheeks and jawline.

How is it Done?

A very small needle is used to inject the fillers into the soft tissue areas of the skin’s dermal layer. This will typically include Botox cosmetic for the dynamic wrinkles, including those around the eyes and between the brows and volumizing fillers for other folds, fine lines, and wrinkles.

The liquid facelift can be used to carry out facial contouring, as well as volumize the face. Fillers are of course safer than surgery, because there are none of the risks associated with anesthesia.

How are They Different?

  • With the liquid facelift there is minimal lifting of the skin. Facial rejuvenation with this procedure relies solely on the injectables to plump and lift the skin. However, with the Y-Lift, a blunt instrument is used to lift the deep tissues of the skin, before the soft tissue filler is added. Therefore, the Y-Lift produces a more significant lift.
  • Results with the Y-Lift look more natural. The cosmetic fillers used to perform the Y-Lift are placed deeper in the skin, in order to provide greater structural support, and this makes the results look more natural.
  • The Y-Lift is longer lasting. While neither procedure is a permanent solution for facial aging, the Y-Lift lasts much longer. Depending on the dermal fillers used, a liquid facelift will last anywhere from 6-9 months. While the Y-Lift generally lasts 1-3 years.

If you live in the greater San Diego area, and you’re interested in rejuvenating the appearance of your face, contact Nowak Aesthetics, Chula Vista, CA, to learn more about the Y-Lift and the liquid facelift. Call (619) 651-9651 today to book an appointment.

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