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How Does Ultherapy Work to Lift The Facial Area?

How Does Ultherapy Work to Lift The Facial Area?

Skin rejuvenation has been revolutionized by all kinds of laser and light technologies designed to tone and tighten the face. There are many options out there that promise to tighten the skin, but many of these don’t work. Ultherapy uses unique technology and science to tighten the skin. How does Ultherapy work to lift and tighten the facial area?

Ultherapy Treatment

Ultherapy is a skin rejuvenation treatment that lifts and tightens the skin using ultrasound energy. It is FDA cleared for use on the face, neck, and décolletage.

Before treatment, a gel is applied to the area to allow the Ulthera device to move easily across the skin. Treatment time varies depending on the area being treated, but it can take anywhere from 30-90 minutes.

How Ultherapy Works to Lift and Tighten the Facial Area

The device emits ultrasound waves that penetrate down to the deep tissue beneath the facial muscles, where the collagen fibers are located. The deep penetration of ultrasound energy is what makes Ultherapy so effective. It reaches the area where skin makes new collagen, and creates a heating response that promotes collagen production.

Collagen is responsible for maintaining the elasticity of the skin, and also prevents the skin from sagging. Natural collagen loss occurs as a result of aging, but without the necessary support the skin begins to wrinkle. Ultherapy impacts the SMAS layer below the skin that gives it support. This is the area that is generally targeted during a surgical facelift.  Ultherapy is able to impact these areas without damaging the outer, epidermal layer, or any surrounding tissue.  The deep heating triggers a healing response in the skin and also promotes collagen, which has a tightening effect on the skin.

Ultherapy is equipped with ultrasound imaging, and this allows clinicians to see the underlying tissue, so that they can focus the ultrasound energy where it’s needed the most for skin tightening.  In this way, they are able to get the best results possible.

Is it Painful?

Patients may feel some discomfort during the procedure, but it is generally not  extreme.  Some patients feel a sensation of heat, while others feel something more like ‘pins and needles.’ Any irritation usually resolves within 30 minutes of treatment.

Is There any Downtime?

There is usually no downtime, but patients may experience some redness for a few hours after treatment.

Is it Safe?

Ultherapy uses very safe ultrasound technology, and over the years there have been no reports by patients of undue distress.

What Type of Results can you Expect?

The results achieved with Ultherapy are long-lasting and look very natural, because the treatment impacts the deep layers, reconditioning and renewing the skin from the inside. There may be some immediate effects, but results can usually be seen over a 2-3 month period, as the skin heals and new collagen develops.

Ulthera will:

  • Lift the eyebrow
  • Tighten lax skin on the face and neck
  • Reduce lines and wrinkles on the décolletage.

Ultherapy improves the overall vitality of the skin, so you can expect the skin to look healthier.

Are you a Good Candidate?

If you have mild to moderate sagging of the face and neck, as well as loose skin under the chin, you may be a good candidate for Ultherapy. The procedure is not meant to replace a facelift, so it is not recommended for people with a lot of loose skin. Younger people who are just beginning to show signs of aging generally get very good results with ultherapy. The best candidates are people with mild skin laxity, who are not yet ready for surgery.Regardless of where you are on the aging spectrum, Ultherapy is sure to give you a more youthful appearance.

Ultherapy skin tightening is available at Accent Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Tupelo, MS. Call 662-377-6290 today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Mark Craig. Dr. Craig will evaluate your skin, and determine if you are a good candidate for Ultherapy.

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