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Feet injections…A Woman’s Answer to Comfortable Heels

Feet injections…A Woman’s Answer to Comfortable Heels

Please be advised: This article was written by a gentleman.

For some reason this evening feels different. The autumn breeze is cool and crisp, imposing itself deep within your person. You find yourself ever closer to home, a growing smile with every step. Stumbling to find your keys you begin to notice something you have chosen to ignore throughout the day. Pain… pain that starts at the tips of your toes, and ekes its way slowly up to your ankles. Frightful thoughts begin to cloud your mind, thoughts of skin conditions so foul, broken bones so broken, or perhaps some rare foot killing disease you caught on your trip to visit your least favourite cousin. All of these grandiose thoughts are quickly quelled once you remove your shoes, and you say to yourself “HEELS!”

This accurately describes (probably) 100% of the experience women have with high heels. From my time living as the lone guy in a house of three girls, I have found that most women have a pain to fashion ratio. This determines how much pain they are willing to go through in order to look good in heels; a system that helps them to avoid any serious physical damage, while at the same time allowing for some public appearances in heels. This to me is enough to prove women are tough as nails. I wear fancy dress shoes but give me a 3 inch heel and I’m crying for sure.

Now what happens when you work in the financial sector, an area of business that has yet to embrace the business casual look? Most live with the pain, or get creative by hiding at their desk wearing flats. Others choose to do what some might argue that every winner of the Tour De France has done in recent years, enhance their performance. Replace needles of steroids in the butt; with needles of filler in the feet and you have a growing craze in cosmetics.

The procedure works by utilizing the cushioning power of fillers. As heels distribute all of your weight onto the balls of your feet, a filler injection helps deal with that excess weight. Although the feet have a natural cushioning, it is not meant for long periods of elevation and for obvious reasons, women who prefer a higher heel are more likely to feel more pain. The procedure may cost anywhere from $700 to $1,500 and lasts about three months. Many people might view this as crazy, however if you spent $1,000 on a pair of Red Bottoms that are too painful to wear but to nice not too, you may feel differently.

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