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How to Get Rid of Spider Veins on The Face

How to Get Rid of Spider Veins on The Face

Selfies have caused Americans to become more image conscious than ever before, so it’s not surprising that an increasing number of individuals desire to have blemishes such as facial veins removed.  It is a very common cosmetic concern for many women, so they are always trying to find out how to get rid of facial veins on the face, in order to look their best.

What are Spider Veins on The Face?

Spider veins are dilated blood vessels that are also known medically as telangiectasia. They are small blood vessels that are situated close to the surface of the skin. Spider veins are fine, wavy lines that have a web-like appearance, and that’s why they are so called. Facial spider veins are usually red or bluish in color, and are sometimes associated with flushing. The most popular locations for spider veins on the face are around the nose, and on the cheeks.

What Causes Spider Veins?

Spider veins are very often caused by an abnormal flow of blood within the veins. This results in a back-up of blood and the consequent weakening of the blood vessels. The veins also become inflamed since the blood is not able to flow through as normal.

Spider veins lie just below the skin and are very delicate, therefore even scrubbing the face too harshly or using very hot water when washing, can damage these veins. Other causes of spider veins include:

  • Underlying skin conditions: Skin diseases such as eczema and rosacea can put pressure on the veins, and trigger the formation of spider veins.
  • Hormonal fluctuations: The female hormone estrogen can encourage the growth of blood vessels, and cause spider veins to develop.
  • Too much sun: Exposure to the sun’s UV rays has the effect of breaking down collagen fibers in the skin. Collagen is needed to maintain the structure of the skin and hold it together. When collagen weakens it puts more pressure on the surrounding veins, and this causes them to become more prominent.
  • Genetic predisposition: Very often if your parents had a problem with spider veins this will increase your risk of developing them.
  • Excessive Alcohol: Consuming too much alcohol can increase blood pressure over time, and result in the dilation of the blood vessels.

Treatment for Spider Veins

Spider veins are usually not harmful, but they are very treatable. Early intervention is recommended, as spider veins will not disappear on their own, and often get worse as time passes. Laser therapy is considered the most effective treatment for facial spider veins.

Thanks to the advances in technology, there are many different lasers now being used for removing facial veins. Laser vein removal is fast, efficient, and relatively pain free. The laser emits a beam of energy that targets the problem veins. When the vein gets heated it eventually collapses and is soon destroyed. It is then reabsorbed by the body within 3 to 6 weeks.

Harmony Laser Treatment

The Harmony Nd: Yag laser system is one the best solutions for spider veins.  The laser emits pulsed light energy that pierces the skin and heats the blood vessels, without damaging the surrounding tissue. The laser is equipped with a state-of-the-art skin cooling system that protects the skin, and minimizes pain during treatment.

After treatment the veins will eventually change color and disappear. It typically takes 2-4 treatments to fade facial spider veins on the face, but this will vary, depending on the number of veins being treated. There is no downtime after the procedure, so clients are free to resume regular activities.

Preventing Spider Veins on The Face

Avoiding too much sun is one of the most effective ways to prevent the formation of facial spider veins. It is therefore important to use the right sunscreen when going outdoors. Lathering on sunscreen will protect the skin, and avoid sun damage. Excess sun exposure can lead to free radical damage, and cause spider veins on the face to develop.

Are you ready to get rid of those pesky facial spider veins? Give us a call at Sona Med Spa, Memphis, TN. At Sona, we use the Harmony laser to efficiently eliminate facial spider veins. Call (901) 683-8220 today, and schedule a consultation with one of our licensed aesthetic providers.

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