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Dr. Raja Mohan Discusses the Latest Rhinoplasty Trend

Dr. Raja Mohan Discusses the Latest Rhinoplasty Trend

Are you thinking about a rhinoplasty to change the shape, size, or appearance of your nose? If you’re like many patients interested in this procedure, you want to find a plastic surgeon with a high degree of skill, experience, and attention to detail.

Below, I discuss one of the exciting trends in rhinoplasty I have seen at my practice in Dallas Texas– the evolution away from ‘the perfect nose.’

Rhinoplasty Is Evolving in The Millennial Age

In the millennial era, ‘Barbie-perfect’ nose jobs are not the gold standard they were years ago. In my practice, I see the nature of rhinoplasty is evolving.

Rhinoplasty in the past has been mainly about correcting ‘imperfections’ in the nose to fulfill a Eurocentric concept of beauty. The idea of a narrow, small nose was the ideal. But I see more creative plastic surgery methods, and there is a broader concept of what a ‘beautiful’ nose and face are.

For Some, ‘Traditional’ Noses Are Out

That is why many in our profession see an influx of patients who don’t want the traditional nose jobs of the past. To these patients, a nose job is not about conforming to society’s expectations, but is focused on embracing what makes the patient unique.

They want to enhance their nose’s appearance but preserve the unique attributes of their heritage. This is a welcome trend and one I wholeheartedly support, and to be sure, rhinoplasty is on the rise in many ethnic groups. There has been a dramatic increase in nose jobs among African Americans and Middle Eastern ethnic groups in the last 20 years.

Millennial age patients often say they don’t want ‘perfect’ contours all the time in facial cosmetic procedures. Instead, their passion is to maintain individuality and uniqueness. The symmetrical, straight nose that most rhinoplasty patients once desired is now thought of as dull.

Many patients will tell me that they want to improve an aspect of their nose but don’t want it to be too symmetrical or perfect. Their goal is to preserve the unique character of their face.

This trend is about going toward individualized noses and away from generic, cookie-cutter results. Patients now embrace uniqueness and individuality and feel pride in their heritage. While the trend in the 1980s and 1990s was to shrink the nose, now some of my patients want it more pronounced.

Embracing Individuality With Surgical And Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

For some of my patients, the shift toward individuality means increasing the volume of their nose. For others, it can mean reversing a previous nose job that gave them the ‘classic’ small, straight European nose.

Many had a nose job years earlier and wanted the surgery to fit in with their peers. With more age and experience, they want to regain the unique beauty they feel they lost.

These individualized nose procedures can be surgical or non-surgical. For instance, one of the simplest ways to increase the volume of the nose is with liquid rhinoplasty and a dermal filler, such as Juvederm.

When a filler is added to the nose bridge, it can provide more volume and even add a subtle bump. A non-surgical nose job such as this is also economical, with a price of roughly $1,000.

A non-surgical rhinoplasty can create a completely natural look. It is less painful with virtually no recovery or downtime, when compared to a traditional rhinoplasty.

Those interested in a non-surgical nose job should note, however, that the results are temporary. If you want permanent results with your unique look, surgical rhinoplasty is preferred.

The Rise of the Reverse Nose Job

The rise of the reverse nose job in my practice is part of a more significant trend in plastic surgery. It is about abandoning the cookie-cutter ‘fixed’ look in favor of something that looks like “you”. I applaud this new trend because it is true that there is no one type of beauty. It’s individual, and the diversification of beauty is something we all should embrace.

Of course, I still see patients who want traditional rhinoplasty, and that is fine. I find it is worth talking to my patients about the uniqueness of their features and considering preserving them as we discuss what they want to improve about their facial appearance.

Making changes to our appearance, while still maintaining our unique beauty is a noble idea, and I hope to see this rhinoplasty trend progress.

More About The Practice

Dr. Raja Mohan is a skilled plastic surgeon who is one of the few in the Dallas, Fort Worth area to have training in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery of the face, body, and breast.

During his residency at Johns Hopkins and the University of Maryland plastic surgery program, Dr. Mohan completed this fellowship under the guidance of Dr. Eduardo Rodriguez, one of the best plastic surgeons in the world. Dr. Rodriguez performed one of the most comprehensive face transplants globally, and Dr. Mohan was part of the team.

Dr. Mohan possesses many attributes that make him an outstanding rhinoplasty surgeon. He is a recognized leader in cosmetic and plastic surgery and is widely respected for his impeccable bedside manner.

Past rhinoplasty patients praise him for his passion for excellence and attention to detail. His equipment and training remain on the cutting edge of plastic surgery, and he always is searching for ways to enhance his skills and knowledge.


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