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Dr. Farber on Popular Chin & Neck Procedures

Dr. Farber on Popular Chin & Neck Procedures

Are you thinking about major plastic surgery procedures to improve the appearance of your chin and neck? Like many of my clients, the chin and neck improvements you seek are because you want a natural, younger, and smoother appearance.

Below is more information about the most popular chin and neck procedure at my practice, Hill Country Plastic Surgery in San Antonio.

Neck Contouring Procedures

The skin on our necks tends to show signs of aging as the years pass, with the skin loosening and becoming thinner. Some people even complain of the dreaded ‘turkey neck’ when they put on a shirt with a tight collar.

Fortunately, neck contouring gives you a smoother and firmer appearance in the neck, improving the chin. Even if you don’t have a facelift, enhancing and smoothing the neck and chin can make a striking difference in your appearance.

Many patients say that they look years younger after neck and chin procedures, and people frequently ask if they lost weight. Neck contouring by your board-certified plastic surgeon can also offer balance to your facial features by making your jawline more defined.

Options For Neck Contouring

When your surgeon performs neck contouring, a lot depends on the aesthetic goals of the patient. For example, a surgeon will use one surgical method for the patient who wants to improve the shape of the chin versus a patient who wants to get rid of the dreaded ‘turkey neck.’

Neck Liposuction

If you dislike your full or double chin, even though you have an average weight, liposuction can provide a more defined, well-shaped neckline.

Liposuction removes extra fat from the chin and neck, but it won’t do anything if you have sagging skin. That’s why most chin and neck liposuction patients are in their 20s to 50s; they usually have more elastic skin, which is essential so that the skin will bounce back after the extra fat is removed.

The Procedure

Neck liposuction is a quick procedure for most patients and may even be done under local anesthesia. First, your surgeon will make one or two small incisions under your chin or behind the ears. After this, insert a thin cannula to remove extra fat and create a natural, slimmer contour to your neck and chin.

Post Liposuction Care

After liposuction, you will probably wear a compression chin strap for about three days to ensure your skin adheres to your new contours. Most patients can head back to work after a week and return to regular exercise after two weeks. Expect some bruising and swelling after liposuction which should fade after 10 days.

Are you a good candidate for neck and chin liposuction?

Consider these points:

  • Can enhance the look of a double chin or excess fat under the chin
  • May refine your jawline to improve the look of the chin or provide more balance to facial features
  • Patients with good skin elasticity see ideal results
  • Liposuction can be paired with chin augmentation or rhinoplasty to enhance the entire face
  • Your results are permanent if you stay the same weight

Neck Lift Surgery

Are you annoyed by loose, sagging skin around your neck? Then you may be a good candidate for a neck lift. Some neck lift procedures focus on removing extra skin, while others are centered on tightening relaxed neck muscles. Other patients may need a combination of both procedures for the best results. The result of a neck lift is a firmer, smoother, and more defined neck appearance.

The Procedure

Most neck lifts are outpatient procedures under intravenous sedation. Your surgeon will make small incisions behind the ears and may make another incision under the chin. Through the incisions, your surgeon will tighten the neck tissues, fat, and muscles and remove excess skin. The result is a tighter, younger, and smoother appearance.

Post Neck Lift Care

A neck lift requires a recovery time of about two weeks. You should be able to go back to work and do regular activities by then. Note that you may feel neck tightness for a few weeks, as well as bruising and swelling. These issues should fade after two or three weeks.

Non-Surgical Neck Contouring

If you want a smoother neck and chin, you don’t necessarily have to go under the knife to achieve a younger appearance. To have a neck enhancement without surgery, you have a few options:


Botox is often used on the face to temporarily smooth wrinkles, but it also can reduce neck wrinkling. Therefore, your surgeon may decide to do a neck lift with Botox where they inject Botox into the muscles to reduce the look of a turkey neck. This neck procedure lasts about four months before you need additional injections.

Dermal Fillers

Fillers made of calcium hydroxylapatite or hyaluronic acid may be injected into the neck by your surgeon to make sagging skin plumper and smooth wrinkles.

This is also called a liquid neck lift and can last up to a year. Fillers also encourage collagen production so that you may see a smoother neck in the months following your procedure.

Significant progress has been made in neck and chin procedures to give the patient a younger, more desirable appearance. By consulting carefully with the patient, a skilled plastic surgeon can customize a treatment plan to provide the patient with highly satisfying results.

More About The Practice

Dr Scott Farber and Dr. Amita Shah are board-certified plastic surgeons and are the founders of Hill Country Plastic Surgery in San Antonio, Texas. They have dozens of years of combined experience in an academic setting and a hospital center and have handled the most intricate cosmetic surgical procedures in the field with outstanding outcomes.

Our surgeons have an impressive reputation for providing a skilled, meticulous, and personalized approach to their procedures. Every patient is treated like they are family, and they are proud to have patients from around Texas and the country who want our plastic surgeons to help them achieve their goals.



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