Procedure: Eyelid Surgery (Eye Lift or Blepharoplasty)

Not recommended!


He created two scars on both my eyebrows, in the process of doing a lid surgery on me, which also was a complete catastrophe. I now have two very visible and embarrassing scars on my each of my eyebrows. See the photos.


The most disheartening aspect in all of this has been his dishonesty. It appears that when he cannot admit that he has done something wrong, he says things to cover up for himself. He claimed that hair would eventually grow back on the scars he created once they healed. Did not happen! He also claimed that he managed to successfully reconstruct the botched lid surgery he did on me. This was not true either, which I realized months later when everything healed down.


Another outrageous claim he did was to say that the right way to do my surgery was to make the incisions on my eyebrows. Something that was a very wrong approach and which has been debunked by all the doctors that I have asked. My eyebrows are destroyed now. And he refused to give me a single penny back.


More than a year has passed since his catastrophic surgery, and no “improvements” have shown to be apparent, despite his claim. How ironic is it not that just now, he isn’t picking up any of my phone calls? Or answer my emails? Go figure.


Please read this article about a woman, who also had a bad experience, following a surgery with him: