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Beware: The Dangers of A Discounted Facial Treatment!

Beware: The Dangers of A Discounted Facial Treatment!

A Little Refresher!

Who doesn’t like a little refresher? With summer right around the corner, cosmetic clinics across the city are booking up. However, these procedures are costly and can cause consumers cut corners as they yearn for a more youthful appearance. My mom always said, “you get what you pay for” and it couldn’t ring any truer; especially when it comes to investing in cosmetic and rejuvenating treatments for your face. Beware the dangers of discounted facial treatments!

Discounted Facial Treatment

Consumers must be aware that it is dangerous to look for cheap facial treatment, on sites including Groupon, offering injections at cheaper prices. “Patients are charmed by the extremely low pricing, but they don’t understand the possible consequences and risks they are taking by seeking out medical services from non-medical practices. One should be wary of people selling these services at such great discounts as they might not be using proper products, techniques and instruments or following proper protocols to shave costs and make a profit,” warns Megan Kozak of Pout (Toronto).

Avoid Groupon and Kijiji ads at all costs. If the price is too good to be true, it usually is. “No qualified medical practitioner would devalue their expertise to be sold for so little, ” says Kozak.

Red Flags

A major red flag can be the promise to get you in and out of your consult in five minutes, says Kozak. “A proper consultation should take approximately 20 minutes for the injector to thoroughly educate you on the procedures and the potential risks associated with them. These procedures are medical by nature and as with anything medical, they come with risks. “One of the greatest risks of getting injections from unqualified companies or injectors is that they won’t know how to handle any problems should they happen to come up,” says Dr. Wayne Carman MD FRCSC, director of the Cosmetic Surgery Institute in Toronto. “Complications can be anything from minor to devastating, and can include things like lumps, bumps, and infections, to dead skin and blocked blood vessels. If this does occur, you need an immediate response as far as treatment goes.”

The hospital will not be able to help you and will send you back to your injector. ‘You need to get injections from a professional who is ready to deal with any complications immediately,’ warns Dr. Carman.

Long story short, don’t delve into discounted facial treatment when it comes to your face.

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