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The Dangers of A Brazilian Butt Lift

The Dangers of A Brazilian Butt Lift

The Brazilian butt lift has become a very popular procedure in recent years, as an increasing number of women want to have a pert, shapely derriere. Unfortunately some people have tried to gain the perfect butt outside of a plastic surgeon’s office and in so doing, they have come face to face with the dangers of a Brazilian butt lift.

What is The Brazilian butt lift?

The Brazilian butt lift refers to butt augmentation using fat grafts. It is a 3 step procedure that involves the use of a patients’ own fat, to enhance the size of the butt.

The fat needed for the operation is first harvested through liposuction from those parts of the body with excess fat deposits. This typically includes areas such as the abdomen, flanks, inner and outer thighs, and hips.

After being removed, the fat undergoes a purification process in preparation for being injected into the buttocks. Finally, the fat is injected the specific areas of the butt that are saggy and lack volume.

Are The Results Permanent?

The fat that is transferred during the Brazilian butt lift and survives, will remain there permanently. However, some will be lost initially, as the transplanted fat does not immediately have a supply of blood.  As soon as the vital blood supply gets a chance to grow the fat will become stable. About 70% of the transplanted fat typically survives with the Brazilian butt lift.

Dangers of A Brazilian Butt lift

The Brazilian butt lift is considered a very safe procedure, because it uses your own fat to enhance the buttocks, rather than any foreign material.  However, patients should be aware that there are some risks involved, as is common with all surgical procedures.

Typical side-effects of the Brazilian butt lift include some swelling, bruising, and pain. Surgeons generally recommend that patients avoid putting too much pressure on the buttocks immediately after surgery, as this can kill the fat cells.

Despite the very positive results gained by many Americans that have undergone procedure. There have been some unfortunate headlines that clearly highlight the possible dangers of a Brazilian butt lift.

The More Dangerous Side Affects

Fat necrosis is one of the complications that can arise after a Brazilian butt lift. This is the residual effect of dead tissue left behind, especially in areas where fat was improperly distributed during surgery. This can result in hard lumps of fat in the buttocks. Other possible dangers of a Brazilian butt lift include infections, embolisms, and abscesses.

In most cases complications have occurred because of the person performing the butt enhancement surgery, and the environment in which it is done. The Brazilian butt lift should always be performed by a qualified and experienced board certified surgeon, in sterile conditions.

What to Look Out For

Unfortunately, the increasing demand for the Brazilian butt lift has given rise to a number of unlicensed practitioners performing the procedure. Individuals who seek out these alternate practitioners put their lives at risk, as they regularly end up being injected with illegal materials.

These materials can lead to infections that can migrate into the bloodstream, resulting in a medical emergency. In most cases surgeons are unable to correct the disfigurement that is caused by the use of these toxic materials.

The Brazilian butt lift can produce very sculpted and shapely results. The surgeon has to correctly estimate the amount of fat to harvest, and identify the potential trouble spots. The operation takes about 2 to 4 hours on average.

Due to the possible risks, patients should consult a board certified plastic surgeon when contemplating the Brazilian butt lift surgery. Complications are very rare when the procedure is performed by a qualified plastic surgeon. Off-licensed practitioners do not have the skill to perform the procedure correctly, and are ill-equipped to deal with any emergencies.

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