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TiZo Fusion – Age-Defying Skincare Products

People do not wear sunscreen properly for two primary reasons:

Conversely, women use multiple skin care and beauty products everyday – the ones that feel nice on their skin and make them feel more attractive. Fallene scientists decided to capitalize on this reality by creating a line of products with a unique aesthetic and sensory appeal, with a skin feel similar to the most popular beauty products. The team reasoned that a sunscreen with those attributes would be used more frequently, leading to healthier and more attractive skin. And, the theory proved correct, as TiZO has become a top seller in over 2,000 dermatologic practices.

Aesthetics (“Sunscreen doesn’t feel good on my skin”) and Vanity (“A tan makes me feel more attractive”).

In fact, since 1989, Fallene Cosmeceuticals LTD has sold over ‘2’ million packages of efficacious, FDA-approved sun care products. TiZO was created by a triple board certified Aesthetic Surgeon and current Industry Member of the American Academy of Dermatology. The fusion of multiple mineral particles with specialized skin-conditioners produces the unique aesthetic and sensory appeal, which encourages frequent use that leads to healthier and more attractive skin.

The best sunscreen is the one people love to wear! People love TiZO because it feels as elegant as their favorite beauty product. TiZO’s tinted formulations instantly enhance skin radiance. TiZO keeps skin healthy and attractive with a proprietary fusion of physical sunscreen particles that sit gently and invisibly on top of skin and are not absorbed, which dramatically decreases the possibility of skin irritation. TiZO Particle-Fusion Technology strictly excludes chemical sunscreens, which are absorbed into skin and are known irritants. It also prevents sun accelerates skin aging like lines, wrinkles dark spots and other more serious skin issues. TiZO deflects UV rays before rays can touch the skin.

You can find out more about TiZo fusion products by visiting their website here. TiZo is manufactured by RGR Pharma.

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