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Sunscreen Bands from JADS International

At Sunscreen Bands, we’re dedicated to helping you be smarter in the sun! Good skin protection from damaging UV rays is essential to having healthy skin for a lifetime. From keeping kids safe to protecting your own skin, Sunscreen Bands make sure you’re covered for all-day UV protection.

Sunscreen Bands has developed patented color-changing technology so you can easily see when it’s time to reapply your sunscreen. No guessing or gaps in protection – just reapply when your band changes color and you’re safe in the sun for the whole day outdoors.

In addition, we made sure these UV protection wristbands work whether your skin is wet or dry, so you stay protected no matter what you’re doing outside. Your Sunscreen Bands also work in chlorinated pool water, saltwater, fresh water and even when you sweat. So whether you’re outdoors for work, play or just a little relaxation in the sun, you can keep your skin protected from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

At Sunscreen Bands, our goal is to make sure you stay protected from damaging UV rays so you can be safer in the sun! We believe healthy skin can last a lifetime if you take proper precautions when you’re outdoors, and we strive to help you keep your family’s skin protected.

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About Our Parent Company, JADS International. Our Company is built on the principles of developing and marketing niche high quality products and providing exceptional service at a fair price.

Sunscreen Bands is fully owned by JADS International. JADS International is a worldwide consumer products company specializing in personal care products. Our products bring the latest trends to life, from our signature line of MARVEL Avengers Colognes to the UV protection of Sunscreen Bands. For more information, please visit JADS International.

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