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Pivotal Medical Group – Pre-Owned Cosmetic Lasers

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Pivotal Medical Group – Experts in Pe-Owned Cosmetic Lasers

Since Pivotal Medical Group one has the world’s largest inventory of certified pre-owned aesthetic lasers, used and pre-owned cosmetic lasers. Clients of ours come from not only across the United States but we also have very large client international base because of our advanced reputation for providing quality certified pre-owned cosmetic and aesthetic lasers. Our highly trained sales staff deal with each one of our clients with the utmost professionalism.

At Pivotal Medical Group we are dedicated in assisting you choose the correct certified pre-owned cosmetic laser or medical equipment for your practice. Or if you are starting your own business we have the pre-owned aesthetic laser that you are looking for.

Pivotal Medical Group 90 Warranty on all pre-owned lasers

Our lasers are priced 70-80% below retail, We offer a full 90 day warranty on most of our pre-owned aesthetic lasers.

You can find out more about Pivotal Medical Group and their products by visiting their website here.

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