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NewMedical Technology Inc.

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NewMedical Technology – A Global Medical Device company

NewMedical Technology, Inc. is a global medical device company focused on providing patented and innovative surgical products and therapeutic solutions in the areas of scar management, skin care and surgical solutions. Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Northbrook, Illinois, NewMedical Technology is committed to continual improvement and innovation of products and services through both internal R&D as well as constant interaction with healthcare professionals and patients.

Following are some of the products currently available.

NewGel+ Scar Management Solution

The NewGel+ line of medical grade silicone products is the leading scar management solution available.Developed by doctors, NewGel+ reduces, flattens, fades and smoothes both old and new scars including hypertrophic, keloid, surgical, trauma, C-Section, cosmetic procedures, abdominoplasties, contractures, and burn scars.

Surgical Hand Table

The needs of the hand surgeon have not been previously addressed specifically. When operating on an extremity, the patient’s arm is placed at right angles to the body and supported on a surgical hand table. It appears, from the critical review and testing of several designs, that the currently available tables have not been designed or manufactured from the surgeon’s perspective. Many innovative features are available on current tables, but none is to the satisfaction of the consultants polled.

Specifically, these tables require minimal obstruction to access of the patient by the surgeon, surgical assistants, and related equipment such as radiographic machinery. The table must be lightweight, have easy storage capabilities, and be radiolucent (allow taking of x-rays through the table itself). It must be stable for use in microsurgical procedures where any movement or vibration can hinder the procedure. Yet it must be height adjustable and easily maneuverable to maximize versatility. In short, a Surgical Hand Table must be user friendly.

NewMedical Technology’s surgical hand table meets all these demands. A unique, lightweight carbon fiber top has been integrated with rigid stainless steel fasteners. The monolimb construction using a solid locking gas shock with infinite adjustment capabilities has been incorporated with a lightweight aluminum, anodized platform.

Importantly, development costs and prototype costs have been economized with a resultant product that can be competitively priced, but still out-perform the competition in most categories.

NewMedical Technology, Inc. is FDA Registered and ISO 13485 Certified.

For more information about NewMedical Technology Inc. you can visit their website here.

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NewMedical Technology, Inc. 310 Era Drive Northbrook, IL 60062, U.S.A.