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Our Mission

Toronto’s NewDermaMed Laser Clinic team of board-certified cosmetic surgeons and medical professionals will provide you with superior noninvasive cosmetic care, with honesty and integrity, in a friendly and caring environment that promotes a memorable experience

Who We Are?

Whatever your age or gender, you have the right to enhance your appearance to achieve greater happiness. We believe that beautiful skin contributes to your overall good health and increases confidence.We are devoted to helping you attain this.

We also believe in honesty and integrity. If your desired effect can not be achieved or if minimal results are anticipated, we will let you know.

Our Team

Our success is a direct reflection of the time, dedication and care that the NewDermaMed team devotes to you and all our clients.

We have taken extraordinary care to hand-pick a team of highly-qualified medical professionals to serve your skin care needs in the safest and most effective way possible.

Technology We Use

Our client’s satisfaction is our most important goal. By using the broadest range of proven laser and light-based technology, we can treat a wide variety of skin types and concerns safely and effectively.

We endeavor to make sure each treatment is also as affordable and as pain-free experience.

Our Plastic Surgeon

Our board-certified cosmetic/plastic surgeon, Dr. Muriel Roach, graduated with a BSc from the University of Toronto. She holds a prestigious fellowship in the Royal College of Surgeons of Canada, with an expertise in plastic surgery.

With over 20 years experience, she oversees every aspect of our procedures, and offers clients uncompromising and excellent service.

Dr. Roach believes cosmetic surgery has little to do with vanity. It’s a way to nurture your self-esteem.

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790 Bay Street, Suite 415 Toronto, Ontario M5G 1N8