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Lila Enterprise’s Body Contouring Laser

LiLa Enterprise’s diverse team consists of administrators, medical sales professionals, nationally recognized physicians, business development experts, certified medical trainers/educators, marketing specialists, and many other dedicated professionals. The core of LiLa Enterprise and its professional representation has over 25 years in providing and developing solutions for the private practice physician.

LiLa Enterprise’s primary goal is to provide professional product solutions and ongoing support that will elevate the financial performance of each client without exception. This is accomplished through a customized and intensive business plan with the sole purpose of providing top tier solutions for our private practice customers.

The following important historical facts about LiLa Enterprise ensure that your decision is an educated one, and the solutions provided will exceed your expectations.

Based on these facts, we have strategically designed a turn-key solution for our valued customers. Though we have vast experience in providing solutions to hospitals and other larger institutions as our history reveals, our entire business plan and mission are dedicated to the private practice, by providing tested leading products that will grow with your practice and will appeal to the mass. In addition, our advanced education ensures optimum results based on our unwavering support that naturally allows you to maintain full focus on your practice. As importantly, we have removed the obstacle of you having to create individual marketing tools, as we have a full line up of marketing tools that can be immediately used to expedite maximum ROI for your practice, from the start. Nothing less would be expected from the Gold Standard.

LiLa Enterprise and its representatives are solid advocates for the physician private practice and embody a great desire to contribute to its success. We truly believe the physician private practice is the backbone of the medical community, believing you provide the very best level of individual focus for your patient(s) treatment and diagnosis. In today’s economy, you must decide on the best product(s) and have full confidence that the company and its representation are equally dedicated to your practice. This is evident based on their total product support and education throughout. The competent LiLa team has selected the exceptional products we offer, have in place experienced professional representation, mandate a no-nonsense support and education package, and provide marketing materials specific to each product and your practice. All this is customized to massively elevate the performance of your medical practice. The path we have built is specifically to benefit you and your practice, allowing you to focus solely on product operation, patient results, and of course a healthy new source of revenues as the rewarding end result. The Gold Standard in Laser Inch-Loss and Body Contouring.

You can find out more about LiLa and their products on their website here.

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245 Scranton-Carbondale Hwy. Dickson City, PA 18508