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LifeStyle Lift – The Alternative FaceLift

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Company Bio

LifeStyle Lift – “America’s Experts for looking younger”

At LifeStyle Lift, we make people look & feel younger through personalized procedures that are quicker, safer and more affordable than traditional procedures from a company that truly cares.

Lifestyle Lift ® introduced a specialized facial procedure to meet the needs of patients who are looking for an alternative to traditional facelifts, but need more than topical treatments or injections, and want to see natural-looking results quickly.

The purpose of the procedure is to:

• Bring back the jaw line
• Address wrinkles and frown lines
• Remove excess fat
• Tighten droopy muscles and skin on both the face and neck
• Create a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance

Company Overview

Founded by Dr. David Kent in 2001, Lifestyle Lift ® is a nationwide group of facial experts comprised of 70 board certifed plastic, facial plastic, and head and neck ENT surgeons. Lifestyle Lift® doctors perform minimally-invasive facial procedures customized to your individual needs.

We make people look younger by personalizing our approach to their facial rejuvenation, and we do it in a manner that is quicker, safer, more affordable than traditional approaches. And lastly, and most importantly, be assured that you are working with skilled staff who truly care about your needs.

Disclaimer: Thank you for joining the Lifestyle Lift conversation. Please be thoughtful with your comments. Lifestyle Lift reserves the right to remove obscene or offensive language from our website. We help people both look and feel younger.

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