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KDW Lasers – A leading manufacturer of medical equipment.

We are one of the leading manufactures for medical skin and body care equipment. We are producing hi-tech beauty equipment with top U.S technology. We also specialized in international trade, worldwide shipping. Our KDW Laser manufacturing and engineering facilities are located in Shanghai, China.

KDW Lasers have worldwide sales and distributions. The company started shipping our products worldwide in 2001. We are currently one of the world’s leading manufacturers for medical skincare and laser healthcare equipments. Utilizing the most up to date technology has allowed us to maintain our market share of the cosmetic and medical laser equipments. Also, we have been able to operate on a high degree of quality while maintaining a very competitive pricing structure.

Our engineers have managed to pay close attention to the suggestions requested by our medical doctors and medical practitioners. By providing timely and efficient services to our customers, we have earned the worldwide reputation in excellence in service due to our excellent and reliable equipments.

We will continue to bring you the latest and most advanced technology and the best quality of laser and optoelectronics equipments in the industry at a very competitive price.

You can find out more about KDW Lasers and their products by visiting their website here.

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