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ICLS Dermatology & Plastic Surgery

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ICLS Dermatology

It’s hard to believe it was over 2 decades ago when Dr. Khanna and Dr. Sapra opened the Institute of Cosmetic and Laser Surgery in a small medical building in Oakville. With only one nurse, one receptionist and one laser, it is amazing to think how far ICLS has come. It has taken a team of dedicated staff with a common goal of providing the absolute best patient care; in order to grow into the cutting–edge facility it is today. Now, with over 20,000 square feet, 50 staff within the Dermatology, Skin Spa, Plastic Surgery and Research departments, we remain focused on the same goals from 20 years past.

As part of our culture, ICLS Dermatology have never advertised our services and instead rely entirely on happy patients telling others about their experience. We cannot thank our loyal patients enough for referring us to their friends and family. It is only with you that we have been able to continue to grow, and for that, we are forever grateful.

ICLS Dermatology’s world-renowned facility is recognized for its integrity, professionalism and safety, however, it is the culture that makes ICLS such a distinctive and highly sought after institution. Both patients and staff are thoroughly engaged in the experience of visiting ICLS Dermatology. It is an environment of unwavering loyalty and support, compassion and respect. Even more so; with such a strong “family” mentality, patients and staff are immersed in a positive, happy and fun environment. This allows ICLS to expand its reach as the “ICLS experience” encourages individuals to share and advocate through word-of-mouth.

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1344 Cornwall Road Oakville, Ontario L6J 7W5