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ColoreScience – Mineral Based Cosmetics

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ColoreScience – High-performance mineral based cosmetics

Experience makeup that does more. Colorescience high-performance cosmetics were created to remedy and camouflage specific skin concerns and protect skin from the damaging effects of the sun and environment.

Colorescience is the premier luxury aesthetic makeup line in the medical and resort spa channel, differentiating our products from other makeup lines through high quality, efficacious ingredients, luxury colores and formulations, and convenience and simplicity of use. With every product we strive to make a difference in the diminution of skin cancer and skin conditions. Together with our partners we will be instrumental in the growth of the medical aesthetic market within the cosmetic and sunscreen categories.

Everyone at Colorescience believes that what you put on your face matters. The makeup we create absolutely has to be good for your health, good for the world, and it must make you look and feel better. Even more than that, our makeup should make you look and feel beautiful. Isn’t that what we all deserve? We think so.

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2141 Palomar Airport Road Suite #200 Carlsbad, CA 92011