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The Cosmetic Surgery Trends 2018

The Cosmetic Surgery Trends 2018

While big pouty lips were all the rage in 2017, the predictions are in for the cosmetic surgery trends 2018, and it’s getting interesting. Here are our top four predictions for 2018:

  1. Cosmetic Surgery isn’t Just for the Ladies…

In 2018, plastic surgery clinics will see an increase of men in their waiting rooms. In the past fifteen years, plastic and cosmetic surgeries have gone up 50% for men in the United States. It is believed that with the age of technology and social media, men too are feeling scrutinized. Men also have become more comfortable with the idea of undergoing esthetic enhancing procedures. The most popular of which are: rhinoplasties, tummy tucks, abdominal etching, breast reductions and liposuction.

  1. A Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty?

While rhinoplasties will always remain one of the top plastic surgeries, more and more men and women are opting for a less invasive way of repairing their noses. The use of fillers is gaining popularity as the “non-surgical nose job”. Using fillers may not be permanent, but it is a much easier and a less expensive alternative. Depending on the filler, results can last anywhere from two months to two years, and a single application takes about 15 minutes. While fillers cannot change the overall size or bone structure, they can help alter the shape, and potentially disguise any problem areas of the nose. These types of non-invasive procedures are definitely on the rise!

  1. “I want a better selfie…”

Patients who are unhappy with how they look in their selfie are now seeking help from plastic surgeons. According to a study done by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, about 42% of patients have advised their surgeons they want to look better on social media. Surgeons are encouraging their patients to bring in their “selfies” to show them exactly what areas they aren’t happy with. The most common and non-invasive procedures being recommended are laser treatments, fillers, and fat-dissolving injections.

  1. Transgender Procedures.

While we do not regard transgender surgeries as a trend in the slightest, it is important to note that surgeons have recently increased their training in gender reassignment surgeries in order to further help their patients. In 2016, 3,250 patients obtained gender reassignment procedures in the United States alone. These numbers are only likely to amplify as surgeons are giving individuals the ability to feel more like themselves. Depending on whether you identify as a woman or a man, some common surgeries are: vaginoplasty, phalloplasty, breast augmentation or reduction, along with less invasive procedures such as, body sculpting, fat transfers, and fillers. As more people open up and are leading conversations about gender, this will only give more individuals the support and encouragement to become their true selves in the years to come.

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    I remember how I looked few years ago. Unfortunately my nose looked so bad, that i lost my confidence when i was around 15 so every one was pointing at me and laughing-not good memories. When i was 19 i underwent nose job in Prague at Forme clinic. It was much cheaper for me however i just finished school and started to work. The staff helped me with the best decision, they were very helpful and caring. And the result is wau-my friends could not believe it was me, when i arrived back. 

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