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Christie Brinkley on Ultherapy – Live, Feel and Look Better

Christie Brinkley on Ultherapy – Live, Feel and Look Better

Christie Brinkley on Ultherapy 

At 64, Christie Brinkley, is happy to share the treatments and products she uses to look and feel better.

In a recent panel discussion in New York City, Brinkley spoke about the importance of feeling your best at any age and de-stigmatizing cosmetic procedures. Furthermore, women should not feel the need to hide their procedures or sneak around to get a ‘beauty secret.’ Women should be able to share with their friends that they tried something and they liked it. “It’s not a secret, it’s a tell!” says Brinkley.Christie Brinkley on Ultherapy

One treatment Brinkley continually raves about is  Ultherapy, a non-surgical anti-aging treatment. “Who couldn’t use a little pick-me-up? Ultherapy is my way of getting a look I love,” says Brinkley.

What is Ultherapy?

Ultherapy uses safe, time-tested ultrasound energy to lift and tighten the skin naturally—without surgery or downtime. Therefore, it has the ability to transform the brow, chin, neck and chest.

Ultherapy relies on ultrasound high-frequency sound waves to stimulate collagen production. It also incorporates traditional ultrasound imaging, which allows practitioners to see the layers of tissue they are treating. This ensures the treatment energy is delivered to where it will be most beneficial.

Unlike lasers, surgery and other technologies, ultrasound bypasses the surface of the skin to deliver the right amount of energy, at the right depths and the right temperature. As a result, this energy triggers a natural response under the skin, jump-starting the regenerative process that produces fresh, new collagen.

Some patients see an initial effect right after their treatment. However, the real results appear over 2−3 months. Over this time, new collagen works to lift and tighten skin on the neck, chin and brow, as well as smooth skin on the chest.

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