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British Men Lead New Plastic Surgery Numbers

British Men Lead New Plastic Surgery Numbers

The Brits — particularly the British men — are showing a love for plastic surgery as of late. More than 50,000 men from this part of the world indulged in the practice last year, say new data just released by the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS).

The Evolving Man

Also noteworthy is the revelation that, for the first time ever, the number of men opting for these procedures grew at a faster pace than the number of women. Indeed, the count of British men positioning themselves beneath the cosmetic surgery knife has almost doubled over the last decade.

This news comes fast on the cosmetically perfected heels of the news that Limey lads have been spending up to £14,500 on so-called “beard transplants,” a revolutionary procedure in which doctors remove donor hairs from a man’s scalp and transplant them onto his beard line.

Still men only account for about nine percent of all cosmetic surgery operations in the UK. The 4,614 who had cosmetic surgery in 2015 represented a dramatic hike over the 2,440 who elected for aesthetic improvement in 2005.

Men’s Surgical Faves

The most popular procedure for men? Eyelid reduction—or blepharoplasty, nose jobs, ear pinning, general liposuction and male breast reduction (which itself increased by 13 percent over the last 10 years).

Post-report analysis from BAAPS cosmetic surgeons speculated that the growing interest among men in surgically altering their appearance is a rejection of the “hyper-masculine” aesthetic hipsters that have embraced in recent times.


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