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Should I Have Breast Revision Surgery?

Should I Have Breast Revision Surgery?

If you have undergone breast augmentation and you’re experiencing complications related to the breast implants, you may require additional surgery to correct the issue.

Why Have Breast Revision Surgery? 

1. It’s not uncommon for women to want to increase or decrease the size of their breast implants after surgery, because they did not achieve the outcome they’d hoped for. Some women also opt to switch out silicone for saline implants, or vice versa, or remove the implants altogether.

2. Implant rippling is a condition in which folds and wrinkles in the implants can be seen through the skin. The condition is commonly seen in slim women that don’t have a lot of natural breast tissue. In cases where rippling occurs with saline implants, the plastic surgeon may recommend switching to silicone implants which tend to ripple less.

3. Capsular contracture refers to the hardening of the tissue that normally surrounds the breast implant. The condition can put pressure on the implants and make them feel firm, painful, and look misshapen. Breast revision surgery can be done to remove the scar tissue and also replace the implant.

4. A ruptured in a saline breast implant is immediately noticeable because the sterile salt water quickly leaks out and the breast deflates. A rupture is not as noticeable with silicone implants, because the silicone gel stays in place. It usually requires an MRI or an X-ray to detect a leak. Although the materials that make up the breast implants are eventually absorbed and not likely to harm your body, breast revision surgery will have to be done to have the ruptured implant replaced.

5. A condition referred to as ‘bottoming out’ can cause the nipples to appear too high on the breast mound. Breast revision surgery will push the breast implant up into the pocket, and this restores the nipple to a more natural position on the breast mound.

Recovery After Breast Revision Surgery

Recovery time varies, as it may take a few days or weeks, depending on the type of surgery that was performed.

What to Consider

Women considering breast revision surgery should be in good health and should not be nursing or pregnant.

If you are seeking breast revision surgery you should always consult a board certified plastic surgeon that regularly performs the procedure. This will ensure that you achieve the best results possible.

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