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What can I do to get rid of acne scars?

Question posted by Kenneth D. from Sudbury

I have a few patches of acne scars on my face from back in my teen years. What can I do to get rid or these or at least make them less obvious. Will  laser resurfacing help with this?

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2 thoughts on “What can I do to get rid of acne scars?

  • Dear Kenneth,

    Acne scars are a very difficult
    clinical problem.  Acne scars result from
    inflammation in the pilosebaceous unit of the skin with inflammation and then
    secondary intent healing leading to depressions and irregularities.  Because of pilosebaceous unit is so deep in
    the skin often the defect and resulting scar that heals is almost the entire
    thickness of the skin.  Many non-surgical
    and surgical techniques result in scarring consequences that can be worse than
    the acne scar itself.  There have been
    significant advantages in the treatment of acne scars over the past 5
    years.  The use of fractional laser,
    fractional radio frequency devices that stimulate deep collagen and elastin in
    between can significantly improve the appearance of acne scars.  The tightening of the lax skin where acne
    scars have occurred with fractional radio frequency devices and non-surgical
    facelift devices such as the eMatrix, the Profound and non ablative RF
    tightening devices such as the Forma, the Venus Freeze and Exilis can also
    improve the appearance of acne scars. 
    Injectable products that insert biostimulatory products or simple sugar
    gels under the acne scar can improve the appearance of acne scars and high-tech
    new technology such as the Inner Jet can propel injectables into acne scars to
    improve their appearance.  Acne scars
    that discolouration of the base of the scar that is brown or red require colour
    correction while other acne scars that are at rolling hill or boxcar, but ice
    pick define acne scars require a surgical punch-out procedure for ultimate

    As you can see there is no one simple
    technique that can improve the appearance of an acne scar but rather multimodal
    therapies delivered by acne scar specialists such as a focused plastic surgeon
    or aesthetic dermatologist with multiple technology and expertise in improving
    acne scars.

    We have had a significant renaissance
    in our ability to treat acne scars and have never been able to better deliver
    smoother skin to acne scar sufferers.

    I hope this information is of some
    assistance and best of luck.

    To find out more about the multiple
    opportunities to improve acne scars, please visit:

    R. Stephen Mulholland, M.D.

    Certified Plastic Surgeon

    Yorkville, Toronto

  • Our ability to treat scars, amongst which acne scars, has improved improved significantly over the years, thanks to new and improved technologies as well as a better understanding of the nature of scars. The first step in acne scar treatment is to make sure that the acne itself is under control. Next, it’s important to determine the type of scars present. Some of these include rolling, boxcar and ice pick scars. Once the type of scarring is diagnosed, the most appropriate type of treatment is selected. Options include subcision, soft tissue fillers, chemical peels (e.g. TCA cross technique), resurfacing (e.g. fractional ablative and non-ablative laser), surgical revision, and more.Kenneth, the key thing is to make sure that the treatment suggested is appropriate for your particular type of scarring. This will be done at the time of your consultation once your skin is assessed.While it may not be always be possible to fully erase all scars, it is realistic to expect significant improvement in most cases. When choosing your physician, make sure he/she is a recognized skin specialist who has experience and expertise with acne and acne scar treatments.

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