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To PLUMP or not to PLUMP?

Question posted by sj from TORONTO

I love my lips, they are pretty shapely, but I would like to know .what is the best/most effective way to plump up my lips? What is the best filler or natural way to make my lips appear even bigger? I don’t want to look like a FISH 😉

Doctor's Response

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One thought on “To PLUMP or not to PLUMP?

  • Dear sj,

    This is an excellent clinical question and lip augmentation can result in a very beautiful and natural enhancement of one’s lips or the stigma of poor lip injection which is a “fish lip.”  To avoid the fish or ducky look to the lips it is important you seek the expertise of an experienced injector.  The use of soft tissue sugar gel fillers such as Juvederm Volbella, Juvederm Ultra Plus, even Voluma, or Restylane or Teosyal kiss are all well-known hyaluronic acid sugar gel fillers that can be used to augment lips.  When approaching lips aesthetically one needs to look at the red lip and increasing the vertical height of the red lip which is usually what is more aesthetically pleasing rather than a more protrusive injection technique that leads to a “ducky appearance.”  Some lips also require support of the increasing height of the red lip both upper and lower with what is called white roll enhancement.  This is the thin white collagenous line that frames the lips and usually this can be performed with products such as Restylane.

    Occasionally, small amounts of Botox in the corner of the mouth to support the commissure can provide a subtle enhancement.

    The lips can be quite complex and you want to seek out the expertise of an injection specialist with many years of experience and good testimonials and before and afters to support their vision.  It’s important that you understand what youwant to achieve and articulate this during the consultation.
    I hope this information has been of some assistance and best of luck.

    For more information, please review our soft tissue fillers
    page and lip augmentation page.

    If you’d like to schedule a consultation please call SpaMedica at (416) 922-2868 or visit us at our website at and fill out an e-mail online consultation request form.

    R. Stephen Mulholland, M.D.

    Certified Plastic Surgeon

    Yorkville, Toronto

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