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Scarring after breast reduction?

Question posted by Sheila from Toronto

I really want to get breast reduction surgery. I have three kids and don’t plan on having anymore, so I’m seriously considering a breast reduction now more than ever. My questions is about scarring. How bad is the scarring from this surgery and where exactly are the scars?

Doctor's Response

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One thought on “Scarring after breast reduction?

  • Dear Sheila,

    A breast reduction procedure involves
    the removal of breast gland and fat tissue to reduce the size of the breast and
    reduce symptoms of a large mammary hypertrophy such as shoulder pain, neck and
    back pain, under the breast skin infestations and infections and cosmetic
    appearance.  The disadvantage of breast reduction
    surgery are the often visible scars that can be circumareolar, around the
    areola as well as vertical in a lollipop configuration or even with an
    inframammary horizontal component called the anchor scar.

    Lollipop and anchor scars can be
    wide, red, raised and unattractive. 
    Treatment of breast reduction scars can include laser treatment to
    reduce the redness and improve the textural appearance of scars and these lasers
    would include the pulse dye and intense pulsed light as well as fractional
    infrared and fractional resurfacing lasers. 
    Other techniques to improve raised scars include injectable
    Triamcinolone or other chemicals to flatten the scar and topical silicone gel
    to improve the redness and flatten raised scars.

    With a focal approach using
    multimodal technologies most breast reduction scars can be approved and
    significantly eliminated.

    To schedule a consultation or to find
    out more, simply visit

    R. Stephen Mulholland, M.D.

    Certified Plastic Surgeon

    Yorkville, Toronto

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