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Procedure for facial hair?

Question posted by Aaron from Richmond Hill

I know that you can get a hair transplant for your head. But, I  have a bit of a different issue. I’m 28 years old and I can’t grow facial hair. The hair that I can grow will only grow in certain patches. It’s a little embarrassing to say the least and I was wondering if there’s anything I can do about this.

Doctor's Response

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2 thoughts on “Procedure for facial hair?

  • Dear Aaron,

    Thank you for your clinical
    post.  The inability to grow facial hair
    evenly or symmetrically of the sideburn, ear pattern, chin or moustache can be
    a significant stressor for males. 
    Fortunately, we have pioneered facial hair transplantation using
    non-scarring, non-linear scarring occipital hair harvest techniques.  Using automated and robotic follicular unit
    extraction techniques we can move these follicular units to facial hair
    patterns.  Commonly transplanted areas in
    males include the moustache, including a Fu Manchu, the chin, beard and
    sideburns.  This can be segmental,
    subsegmental or full beard pattern transplantation.  The procedure is performed under local anesthesia;
    there are very few risks and extremely high success rate.  It is very important you seek out a centre
    that does not leave you with a linear scar in the temple or the back of your
    hairline so that you can wear your hair as short as you like without fear of a
    visible scar.

    For women, we also provide hair
    transplantation to the eyebrow and eyelash. 
    This is also occasionally sought out by a man who has had a traumatic
    injury to the eyebrow or eyelid.

    Facial hair transplantation is a
    focus of our expertise and we are one of Canada’s leaders and pioneers of
    follicular unit extraction and transplantation.

    Best of luck.

    To find out more or schedule a
    consultation or simply read for interest visit:
    Also seek out the areas for facial hair transplantation.

    R. Stephen Mulholland, M.D.

    Certified Plastic Surgeon

    Yorkville, Toronto

  • Hair transplants can be done to help with  low density or patchy facial hair. It’s important to be evaluated by an expert to get a diagnosis and a plan. But hair transplants can work very well.DrDonovan

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